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17-01-06, 18:29
Change of plans and we are now staying on the Algarve/Spanish coast. Moorings seem very hard to come by on the Luz coast - somewhere near Cadiz would be preferable. Does anyone want to swap? My mooring is in Portimao, and if someone wants to swap a mooring for a season or two......

Failing that l could always leave the boat out of the water whilst l'm not there - does anyone know a good safe boatyard around the Cadiz area?

18-01-06, 10:08
I stayed for a year in Barbate - Excellent security and shelter. Rates very good too.

18-01-06, 12:27
But Barbate MUST rate as the top contender for the "Dump of the this Coastline" award. Unless it's changed dramatically in the last few years, it is THE most depressing place north of Gib. IMHO.

Congratulations on managing to stay there for a year, though I assume were weren't living aboard the whole time!

Granted it's well-sheltered and (reasonably) cheap, though as it's one of a group of marinas owned/run by the Junta de something or other, the price would be the same as in many other, far nicer places controlled by the same outfit.

18-01-06, 20:53
Agree with Jerry about Barbate. Spent just one night there this year, no facilities and looked like it had just come through a holocaust. Only good thing was no facilities = no fees (no one to collect them!). Try Chipiona. Very Spanish and a little bit different.

19-01-06, 13:44
We're in Puerto Sherry, which is full. Hard standing, I believe available as it is a large area. We tried for a dry out for 6 months last week but they wanted to charge for our berth as well or give up rights to it. So we've stayed in the water. But they did not state they had no room. Good marina with presence of security, helpful English speaking staff in Office (isobel, antonio or carlos). Might be interested in swap next season. What size is your berth and costs? One thing for sure PS will be cheaper. Hope this helps - any further info required send email.

25-01-06, 10:24
I am sorry that Barbate made such a bad impression on you. I found the local people extremely helpful and friendly, I appreciated the National Park being in walking distance and the close proximity of Vejer de la Frontera one of the prettiest Pueblos Blancos in Spain! I also appreciated the bus service to La Linear for Gibralter flights.