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28-01-06, 18:50
is it just me ,or does averyone have the same problem, trying to find the right boat. from all your experiance out there what would be some options make model etc. this is what i consider to be my requirements, i will need to be able to live on board with my wife fairly comfortable when nes, also must have 2nd cabin big enough to house a 24 year old son that will give him a bit of privacy, and must be a good safe sailing type hull pref single keel but i dont want to go over 38 feet in length any suggestians 50.000 or under. i really would be gratefull for any suggestions Regards. Roy..

28-01-06, 18:58
whereabouts would you be sailing?
If you're thinking about the Med, I'd recommend a Moody 346- but I'm probably a bit biased, being a Moody owner myself...

28-01-06, 20:25
I reckon the Moody 32 (not sure of exact length) is a good cruiser liveaboard, having visited friends and examined photos on http://www.ancasta.co.uk/brokeragesail.asp (a very good list with lots of interior shots).
Look, when you buy a boat you've gotta like it, deep down, for what it is and how that fits your life style and emotions. I sail a long keeler because I am obsessed by long keels, but they are not the best typr of boat. The other day I sailed on a Beneteau 27, so different to my Folkdancer 27: beamy, fin keeled, light displacement, just everything different, but it was really nice. It sailed quicker, it felt steady on the tiller, it was not at all uncomfortable in the chop outside the marina entrance and all the sail systems worked efficiently. And, I didn't feel sick. I learned more about sailing in those four hours (on the Costa Brava, Catalunya) than a whole summer of passage making on mine (I use a wind vane and much of the time I sleep in my bunk).
There are some boats which are undesirable for various reasons - build quality, such as winch fixings having backing pads made out of bare chipboard (mentioning no names), over stretched style configurations making excessive windage and flimsy design out of sheer cheapness. I personally do not like the MacGreggor or the the Jaguar, but it is personal and I would not wish to impose my opinion on others who might see through my foibles.
Get something sturdy and shippy (my Folkdancer 27 has a 55 percent ballast ratio and I value that because I sail long distances) but don't forget the more modern yachts, say 1980's onwards also have their qualities, like a bit more speed, bigger accommodation, more effective systems (tanks, bilge pumps, electrics and sail control etc.) and modern engines (lighter and more powerful with better charging and more reliable - hopefully).
Get what turns you on :-)

28-01-06, 20:42
If you are going to liveaboard and have another adult with you. The ability to get away from each other for some privacy is valuable, as is the need for space and seperate cabins. I know I will get shouted at again by some, but a Prout Snowgoose will meet your needs in space, cabins, living quarters, privacy, and stability, and can be found for the funds you have (however it does have 2 hulls) - definitely worth a look.

29-01-06, 14:55
If you're looking for a Moody 34 or similar, we met up with a guy last summer who had a very well sorted/kitted-out and UK registered Sadler 34 which was up for sale in the south of France (Marseille I think?) and which sounded a cheap at only about 35k.

I gather that having sailed it down his wife/girlfriend has had enough, hence the low price. It was still on sale in November, though it may have been sold since.

If it's of any interst then PM me, I've certainly got an e-mail address and possibly a phone number for him too.

29-01-06, 18:56
Thanks for the replys chaps, the sadler 34 is a very good boat i looked at one yesterdat but it didnt have the extra cabin aft i need, so i am now thinking that a stern cabin is going to be the way to go, although i did see a very nice bavaria that would be ideal for the accomadation required but its that little keel underneath that bothers me, and the tenderness of the boat ,the owner said he had to reef at 17 knots of wind, but the moody 37 was still comfortable in 20 knots without any need to reef , my biggest problem i think is i only want to spend 50,000 i now think its going to be a struggle, at that price to get what i really need.
Once again chaps thanks for the help Roy.. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

29-01-06, 20:18
There was a Moody 336 for 50k in the med and a bit more delivered in the UK. Looked really nice with a big aft cabin. Maybe google for it. If I manage to find it il post the link.


Here it is just a couple of posts down "selling boat in greece" http://www.ybw.com/forums/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/936820/an/0/page/0#936820

29-01-06, 20:24
Went on a boat years ago where the daughter had the forepeak as her pad,I should imagine what sort of private cabin arrangement will determine the size of boat,ie en suite wc and den area or just a bunk with a bookcase,also whetheryou will be voyaging or stationary,I would have thought a 12 metre.

29-01-06, 23:19
If it's a comfortable aft cabin you're after, then I can definitely recommend the Moody 346, as it's a centre cockpit, unlike the 336 mentioned above (unless I'm mistaken, in which case I apologise in advance). With a bit of shrewd negotiating you should be able to get one in the Med for 50k.
Their price does not appear to have dropped much in the last 5-10 years;that says something about reliability!
How many 15-year-old Bavarias have you come across? Hmmm!
But as I mentioned earlier, I'm biased, and I know it...!

30-01-06, 15:19
Hi there, sent you a PM. Miki

30-01-06, 17:22
Hi Roy

I have a mate selling his Moody 36 CC for 45k - Located in Burnham on Crouch. Its in pretty good nick, and I think he is asking a fair price.

check out www.dmcl.net/pilgrim (http://www.dmcl.net/pilgrim)

If you do buy it tell him I sent you. Maybe I get a commission hehe (but probably not - the tight git /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif)