View Full Version : Optimus 155 marine stove

01-02-06, 10:11
On ebay, item number 4609292559

01-02-06, 21:19
Yours I suppose?

If you want to sell it here put a price on it and sell it here.
If you want to sell it by auction put it on E bay.

This forum is for forumites selling their gear. It's not here to advertise something in the hope that you'll get more bids on E bay.

....and No. I don't accept that you are simply giving people some helpful information in case they are after an Optimus. You are trying to push the bidding up on E bay.

02-02-06, 01:30
Sort of thing it's difficult to put a price on.
Tisme, you have a point and I wouldn't want this to take over forum entirely.
However I DID find it useful to know it was on ebay