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04-02-06, 06:20
Hi - I don't know too much about boats but I want to be able to travel in and around the Caribbean Sea with the longest distance being from Belize straight across to Grand Cayman (about 500 miles). So, I'm wondering if I can find a relatively small motor boat (but comfortable for one man to live on) with a travel range of 500 miles on full tank(s) on the open sea? What length boat would this need to be and what engines & tanks would it need? Thanks very much in advance for your answers. John (English guy living in Miami at the moment). p.s. The Miami Boat Show opens in 2 weeks and I want to have some idea what to look for - thanks again.

04-02-06, 09:08
It really depends on how fast you want to go rather than the size of the boat.

Displacement speed boats can go thousands of miles on the same amount of fuel that would only get a planing boat halfway there.

04-02-06, 09:22
Say roughly 100 - 125 miles per day? So, it woulds take me about 4 or 5 days to do the longest haul 500 miles. Thanks.

04-02-06, 09:55
Most small planing boats will conk out before even half way, maybe 200 miles. So, it almost has to be displacement, but I've no idea what would fit the bill.

A 50ft sailing yacht ?


04-02-06, 10:36
Have a look at a Krogen 39 (www.kadeykrogen.com). Might be a bit too big but I reckon that's the style of boat you'll need. There are lots of makers of this type of trawler boat in the states from 23' upwards. They should be at the show.

04-02-06, 11:11
Generally speaking. A displacement boat is the most efficient for fuel consumption and is desinged to stay in the water. A planing boat is designed to "fly" through the air and requires large engines and generallly has poor consumption. The most efficient displacement boat is a displacement catamaran. More are starting to be built and MIAMI will have some on display. Make sure it is a displacement cat and not a planing cat as their fuel consumption is generally worse than a mono!!! For the record we import the Motorcat 27 and 30 and will shortly have some more models, see www.motorcats.com. (http://www.motorcats.com.)

04-02-06, 17:13
A Friend has a 36 Grand Banks with additional tanks which is good for 800miles at 9 knots. The boat is also capable of 21 knot. Great boat for extended cruising but dont try cruising alone.

04-02-06, 18:33
Hi, Thanks for all the answers and pointing me in the right direction...

The Krogan boat looks great, especially as it has a huge range in the thousands of miles... so at least I can see what class/type of boat I should be looking at.

A couple of questions:

1. What's the difference between a "Trawler" and a "Cruiser"?
2. What are the pros/cons as regards petrol or diesel engines?
3. You mentioned don't try cruising alone - Please could you elaborate... Is it a safety/security issue, a handling issue or what?

Many thanks,

05-02-06, 10:06
years ago i had a Grand banks 36 mine was wooden one very comfortable had a good stay sail and "flopper stoppers" are an option

Mine had a pair of 120hp Fords was long range but i never saw 21knots!!!The range depends on your tanks.

I often cruised alone that way i never had problems with the crew! and at least up to 40 foot mooring alones no problem at all.

A skipper freind took a planning boat from France to croasia stopping only to refule i met him in Elba on a rough day after just time to refule he was planeing his way again, must have been very uncomfortale!! I think it was a fairline???

A planeing boat can do a 500 mile trip but at what fule consumption when not planeing and what discomfort when at speed!!

06-02-06, 14:24
Cabin RIB with inboard diesel and about 50 jerrycans? /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif