View Full Version : Engineers in the Caribbean

17-02-06, 10:20
Just wondering if anyone out there knows how much you would be expected to pay a qualified marine engineer out in the caribbean?

17-02-06, 16:04
You could try giving Sunsail a call in St Maartin and ask what they offer when taking on engineers. Boaters are cheap;companies try to be but actually need to hang on to competent technicians.You could check out their paerwork requirements too.

17-02-06, 22:32
Depends on the country, but you tend to get what you pay for. In the French Antilles you'll pay pretty much European rates. In Trinidad/St. Maarten/St. Lucia about $30-$50 but more for the top guys. Grenada a bit more, Venezuela less. Inevitably ex pats tend to be at the top of the range. Generally the 'spread' is probably a lot more than in Europe, so the trick is to get the cheap guys for the simple jobs and be prepared to pay more when you need real skill and experience. Then there's the question of how quickly they'll do the job....