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21-02-06, 08:19
What would you like too win?

Hmm, well i need a new handheld so that would be good, but a Charter would be even better, fingers crossed!! But anything really, there all great prizes./forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Keith, your second donation, you say, 'You hope you don't win, well i hope you do win, for all the work you've put into this.

So who wants to win what?



21-02-06, 10:26
SWMBO just bought some tickets and said she wants to win the binoculars. Since we've moved house she's taken to watching a crane (heron - not heavy lifting) that keeps landing on the tree at the bottom of our garden.

Geez, that's gonna look like such a fix if one of us wins them now...


21-02-06, 11:01
I wouldn't mind one of the training courses. Not for me (obviously /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif) but I would send my youngest daughter who has been long suffering crew since we started boating and would love to get behind the helm.

Just checked and already 700 raised - fantastic start


21-02-06, 16:47
A training course would be good- or a charter- anything but things to actually stick on a boat 'cos I haven't got one at the moment!

21-02-06, 17:25
So the Navtex wouldn't be much good to you then?? lol.


21-02-06, 20:47
Anything would be nice - especially a charter on something big! Got to be pleased with the way its going Al - not a bad total for day 2!

21-02-06, 21:42
I am delighted with the way its going, Its simply amazing how much we have raised already!!!! And its only day 1!!! Not day 2!!!

Its all thanks to people like you, and i thankyou ver much.



21-02-06, 21:48
The courses on offer are a great idea, perfect for your daughter to learn how to handle a boat, I have my PB2, but would certainly value doing the sea Survival course on offer.

Good Luck.



23-02-06, 17:13
Well Done Alistairr, glad to see the response after the perseverance,
I'll have the weekend charter on the Clyde please, failing that I could do with a new Musto jacket.

03-03-06, 13:15
Funnily enough, I'd like to win the handheld !

It's one (of many) things on my list to buy.

Keep up the good work. Glad to see the total still rising.