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13-03-06, 09:21
So, the masses have spoken (so to speak) and its Lundy at whitsun week, now if the weather is not very good, we could really do with an alternative back up channel (so to speak) and watchet was voted second, so what do people think??

17-03-06, 23:14
It's about 38Nm from Swansea to Watchet so perfectly do-able. I'm not familiar with Watchet.. It does look like it dries out a long way though (I don't have my almanac here).


18-03-06, 20:10
Yes, i left swansea early-ish on the flood and easily made watchet by high water, so is no problem - think it took me about 4 hours to get there, i will have to check my log book...

Watchet does dry a long way out - but is a great place for about 3 days, then you have done everything. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

18-03-06, 20:50
Watchet Marinas website tells you the predicted opening/closing times on every tide.Roughly speaking you can enter the outer harbour about 2.5 hours before or after HW and enter the marina about 2 hrs before/after.

Interesting town for a few days visit ,nice pubs couple of shops Steam Railway if your into that.Friendly and helpful staff.
http://img.photobox.co.uk/49664634f3caf54e30f7071f6c969f4e5efc0105267d417f60 c4d835.jpg watchet Marina

21-03-06, 15:00
If you come in within half an hour of the gate opening beware of the stream running through the marina entrance (where the gate is situated) No problem if you are expecting it.
That's my mo'boat, second in from the right in Graham's picture.