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23-03-06, 04:04
I am about a 1/4 into it and I just don't want to read any more, I have not warmed to the author at all. It is not funny, nor an interesting travel log.

I imagine he read 'Around Ireland with a Fridge' and thought to himself 'I could that', but forgot to actually do anything interesting or even seemingly to talk to anyone new on his travels.

I apologise to the group for recommending this book and when finally I closed it this evening and removed my book mark I turned to SWMBO saying 'I thought you said this was funny', 'no it's terrible, but I thought it would be funny if I made you find out the hard way'.

Did anyone manage to get through it?

23-03-06, 14:23
Nope, also dipped out, but I managed to get about halfway through before I realised I wasn't enjoying it much.

Very disappointing, could've been so good...

23-03-06, 16:29
Did anyone manage to get through it?

[/ QUOTE ] Yes, cos I have this masochistic need to finish any book that I start. Please see my comments, posted some time ago, in response to the original suggestion.

I think swmbo picked it up in one of Tim Waterstone's "buy two get one free" bun feasts, she assures me that it was the free one!

24-03-06, 22:54
I did like you and then picked it up again about 6 months later. Finished it and actually quite enjoyed it.

27-03-06, 00:24
Glad it's not just me!

I had abandoned it at about the time you suggested it as a collective read (but I'm not a literary person, or very patient with respect to plot development). I'm sure I heard bits of it on Radio 4, and it was OK in a sort of low-committment radio 4 type of way. Couldn't get more than a few dozen pages into the book, though. Very dirty trick by your SWMBO, and she seemed such a pleasant person... /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

I used to feel a compulsion to finish any book I started, but have got over this, and it's very liberating! Will probably come back to it at some time, because it was a gift, so still feel compelled to read it. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Hint: Try "Berserk in the Antarctic", or "Tom Crean - Unsung Hero"


28-03-06, 12:14

29-03-06, 16:51
I made it through to the end, because I hate to give up on a book, but I agree that it was nothing special.

I recently re-read "Coasting" by Jonathan Raban, which I commend to your attention.

07-05-06, 19:33
I finished it - but only because I was marooned in France at the time. Poor presentation of wafer thin material. You did the right thing when you put it down.

11-05-06, 02:03
As another member of the never give up on a book brigade, i was amazed to only get as far as Cromarty before manic boredom set in. G.C.S.E standard phrases such as 'a lonely stranger, far from home' grated terribly - he was in Scotland not up a hill in Peru, such dramatisation doesn't really fit when a few hours on a National Express will have you back in your local. And I'm easily pleased, I'm reading Dan Brown.