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02-04-06, 19:55
Has anyone a good source for charts for the Med??

I have looked at Bookharbour & the admiraltiy sites & they seem a bit light on charts for the south of France & Corsica.

Any ideas???


02-04-06, 20:25
You may look for French SHOM charts, which obviously cover their home waters with more detail than other Hydrographic Offices.

One possible source is Accastillage Diffusion (http://www.accastillage-diffusion.com) where there is an on-line catalogue available (in french and spanish only, no english).

Another one is la papeterie du port (http://www.papeterieduport.com/boutique/index.html), also in french only.

French charts are available in two formats, the conventional one which is somewhat bigger than Admiralty one, and the "L" version, which is made with a special waterproof paper and is folded down to an A4-size.

02-04-06, 20:54
I used charts from US supplier, Bellingham Chart Printers (google it) They do photostat copies of all nationality charts (not Admiralty! ) Reasonable paper,excellent reproductions, Served me well for 2 1/2 year Med: cruise. Took about 6 days delivery from US. Choice of size ie: 1/3 1/2 full and about 6. 00p each!! ( plus air delivery) worth a look.

02-04-06, 21:24
We have bought all ours over the years from Marine Chart Services. Have a look at their web site here. (http://www.chartsales.co.uk/)

03-04-06, 10:40
Imrays as well as supplying their own charts are Admiralty Agents.

A visit to their HQ at St Ives is well worth the trouble. You feel like a victorian explorer being fitted out at a gentlemen's outfitters. They have every chart and will check for the latest corrections and update the chart while you wait. They did the Adriatic for me in 2001.

Steve Cronin

Steve Clayton
03-04-06, 15:06
Virgin book shop do a good price (nominally 35% off list) on Imray charts and pilot books

04-04-06, 14:41
we use French and Italian charts. Buy them when you get there - it's much cheaper then buying them here. French SHOM charts can be found in most newsagents and the like and once you get used to them are great.

Paw Paw
05-04-06, 08:49
Actually you really do not need very detailed charts for the Med - Except perhaps the Greek islands and Turkey. The Pilot books are really very useful - almost essential - I would go for a few passage charts only and the full range of relevant pilot books.


05-04-06, 10:47
Agree on visit to St Ives, well worth the effort.

I think people get used to the incredible detail and large scale available on UK and N European charts and are disappointed not to find the same in the Med.

I was surprised at how little detail is available on any chart of Turkish waters, and although the Admiralty does harbour charts these are no use for gunkholing. The pilots, particularly Heikell, are simply superb and easily make up the difference. I go with MichaelE on this one.

06-04-06, 11:08
How are you getting to the Med or are you already there?

The French charts are excellent and though different in apearance are easy to use.

The mention of Pilot books is spot on..they are very useful and will serve you very well, but do get the latest as things are changing all the time down here.

There were two sets of maptech electronic charts for this area up for sale a couple of weeks ago on the for sale forum. Just checked, almost last item page 4, rrees is the seller. They would do you very well and you can print them off so you can prepare at home before going out to sea.


06-04-06, 20:17
I agree with most of what has already been said...make sure you have the pilots and buy limited charts when you are down here. BUT, we have a plotter (C-Map) and it is really a very convenient aid; you need far fewer paper charts if you have a plotter. The plotter is especially useful if you want to anchor in a place not highlighted in a pilot.

06-04-06, 20:44
when you get there just ask for old charts and walk past the bins in the afternoon or better still just keep walking round on the 12 to 15 meter pontoons,

Or ask, amble round and ask the larger MOBOs 10 to12m and sail 12 to 15m those are the ones NOW in april may installing their newest no paper back up, plotters

Leave a large note in a cafe, ask the people working on the boats,offer a bier a chart!!Or some biers and give a bottle of whisky when he gives you a pile of paper charts

Youll get so many youll need a bigger boat to stow them!Just sort out the ones for your area and put the rest somewhere safe in case you move your area, seconds you can pass on!Otherwise put overboard folded into boats!

06-04-06, 20:54
Down here they know the value of even old and quite tatty charts and nobody gives them away. In a second hand shop or a boot sale environment, expect to pay at least 10 for very old charts. Everyone I know keeps paper even when they have the latest electronics. One shop in Almerimar sells older but unused charts e.g. Imray for a few Euros less than the new price and they have a huge range of old charts worldwide from 10.

06-04-06, 21:06
Thank you all for your most valued help once again forumites come up trumps.
I will have Shady Too in the water in about a weeks time anybody around the
Marseilles area pop over for a beer.


Oh she is a Dufour 35 & will have her name on the stern.