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03-04-06, 20:16
Available following upgrade to new system.

Raypilot 650 control head (used)
Suitable for use with seatalk compatible Autohelm/Raymarine course computers.
(see http://www.raymarine.com/raymarine/SubmittedFiles/Handbooks/Autopilots/RayPilot650.pdf)

includes cover, manual and even spare LCD screen!
Excludes mounting bracket and any cabling (although only requires seatalk connection i.e. no special power cables)


Autohelm Type 300 course computer (used)
Manual and commisioning guide available online (see http://www.raymarine.com/raymarine/SubmittedFiles/Handbooks/Autopilots/T100_300CC.pdf).
Includes "GyroPlus" rate gyro (with cable), rudder reference (with some cable), and fluxgate compass(with cable).

Also for sale is an autohelm CR interface box which is needed to interface most computers (incl the one above) with a hydralic constant running pump autopilot drive.


Finally, Mobitronic Battery controller with 200A shunt (used). This shows the battery voltage (V), battery drain/charge rate (Amps) and the number of amp hours remaining in the bank. Comes with manual.


Items are currently in Kent, and can be powered up and demonstrated if necessary. All sold as seen.

03-04-06, 21:36
PM sent

03-04-06, 23:19
PM sent

04-04-06, 02:24
How much for the 650?

Phoenix of Hamble
04-04-06, 08:25
Would be interested in the fluxgate compass if its split out....

04-04-06, 22:35
Please note that the 300series computer above is a 24V unit.

04-04-06, 22:39
The Raypilot 650 is still retailing at over $800 new.
I am looking for about 150 for it.

05-04-06, 07:08
Interested. How much for the GIRO (not pictured?!)

06-04-11, 08:32
Do you still have the CR interface box? if so please E-Mail me please mcjmarine@gmail.com