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19-05-06, 10:44
I have a pair of brand new Antal W30.2A ST winches for sale. I bought these as part of a refurb of my yacht but I am now holding off that work for a few years as I am have taken a skippers job overseas.

Email me at cmitchell@pressconsulting.net if you are interested in these.


19-05-06, 17:55
Not bad for 200.00 !!!!! (the limit on this forum)

19-05-06, 18:14
Well 200 each + 150 postage

19-05-06, 20:16
150 postage

[/ QUOTE ]

delivery by chauffer driven limousine /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

20-05-06, 04:32
Look at the whole picture - not thje narrow minded approach. These winches are a bargain. Go to any swindelry and you will part with 700 plus for this pair!!!!!

20-05-06, 18:27
Actually not. I bought a pair direct from the UK importers for under 500 quid.

And the limit rules are still 200 quid on this forum - otherwise advertise them on the under 1000 quid page in PBO/YM or stuff 'em on ebay. Its not my rules, but this is provided free by IPC, and they dont ask for too much in return ......

21-05-06, 04:59
Fullcircle, I doubt that VERY much that you could buy this model for that anywhere in the world. Have a look on the web - the price for these 2 range from 700 to 880 new.

To the board police here, I see no way of removing this listing that has caused you all so much loss of sleep, so thanks for keeping it at the top of the list.

21-05-06, 08:22
TCS Chandlery this months PBO 479 quid. Is that alright now?

21-05-06, 10:27
No it is NOT alright. If you could be bothered to check your facts instead of trying to spend your time making problems for other people you will find that the price on the TCS Chandlery website is for W30AST 1 speed winches.

I am selling W30.2 AST 2 speed winches which cost considerably more.

Is THAT alright now?

I await your apology.

21-05-06, 10:36
Alright girls, put your handbags down.

Go to the Quay West Online site (http://www.quaywest-chandlers.co.uk/homefs.html?brand=Antal) and see for yourselves.

Antal W30 Alloy Drum Two Speed Self Tailing Winch - 360
Antal W30 Chrome Drum Two Speed Self Tailing Winch - 390

Whichever way you look at it, you are over the sites' 200 limit.

Please let this be an end to the squabbling.

21-05-06, 19:20

Picture of the pair of 2 speed Antal 32 AST winches that I fitted to my boat in April last year.
I do apologise, they were 494 quid PLUS VAT and a tenner delivery.

Making them over 500 quid.

Still never mind, eh?

24-05-06, 18:09
I would just like to thank everyone (especially FULLCIRCLE) for keeping this item at the top of the list for so long. I have now sold it. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif