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01-06-06, 21:13
If you have awful large tanks you probably don't carry spare diesel in cans as some of us do who are supposed to rely more on wind for movement. So it came as a bit of a shock when our local marina stated "there is a new dictat come down from HM R&C to the effect that we are not allowed to fill up cans with red diesel; even if we've just filled your boat's tanks we cannot fill your cans, it's the law! You can take your cans to the nearest filling station and fill them there." Pity was taken on our being struck dumb - so just this once and we puttered back in the dinghy firmly having been put in our place. Is this normal behaviour or have we just not been reading the right maggies to keep up to date?

01-06-06, 22:05
Erm - when did that occur?
We've got a 25l plastic can full ... and want to keep it that way ...

I'd like to know why they don't want us filling cans ... unless they think we're taking it home for our cars ... /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif

02-06-06, 10:36
Easier to sell me two gallons in a can, to top up my 25 litre fuel tank, than for me to bring my boat alongside their fuel jetty twice a season. I suspect though that the marinas are not particularly interested in selling small quantities of diesel.

03-07-06, 18:29
what a load of bull, most probably have misread the info from HM customs, and basically dont want to get involved, so have decided to only fill the tanks...

If you fill a container/s with more than 50 litres of red diesel, you need to leave details of your name, address, and use of the red diesel.. which the customs could check if needed...

supplier also has to register with the customs to supply....

if they dont want to supply you with diesel for the containers, tell the supplier you will go else where for your diesel, if you all go elsewhere, then maybe he will get the message....

04-07-06, 08:18
Cans are fine on the Thames, just 60 ppl as opposed to 48ppl at Shepperton.

04-07-06, 14:36
Filled my cans on Sunday at Hythe Marina - took the cans by car! No problem, very helpful as always .....

11-07-06, 16:06
Saw a yacht put 50 litres of diesel from the fuel pontoon into plastic containers last weekend at chichester.