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08-06-06, 10:36
Did you read about Tessa Jowell (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/5053908.stm), you know, the culture secretary with the tatoos and the shellsuit.

When 'asked who she thought was going to win the cup, she gleefully pointed towards her ministerial vehicle, which is now bedecked in flags, to declare: "There's only one England".'

A real lady of the people.

Major Catastrophe
08-06-06, 10:43
Or a politian who knows what the voters want to see.

08-06-06, 10:47
Seriously? It could be that she thinks that, but do you think that people are actually impressed by that?

08-06-06, 11:14

You're banned from here

You can't condemn the football hooligans to the outer depths and then come along after them.

2 months football banning order.

Major Catastrophe
08-06-06, 11:32
I am allowed to as football yob baiting is still allowed.

To Sgeir, yes I agree, I was being cynical about Tessa Jowel's motive and I am sure it is a great tonic following her tragic and very sudden split from her husband.


Phoenix of Hamble
08-06-06, 11:34
Ok..... boys.... everybody out....

From now on, all Footy post in the SB and Lounge fora only....

08-06-06, 18:20
I hope she's not going to drive it to Wales.