View Full Version : Badly behaved English Players

16-06-06, 10:09
Anybody else think it strange that England had to cheat to beat the mighty Trinidad and Tobago? ie Crouch pulling the poor defender's ponytail .. wonder what "the hand of god" would have made of that one?

16-06-06, 12:27
And about bloody time, too....

I'm sick of Inn-ger-land playing with a straight bat - winning the FIFA fair play award - and getting knocked out.

Let's take a leaf out of cheating Johnny-foreigner's book. If it works for the Maradonnas of this world it can work for us.

Crouch was pulled up by the ref. last night on several occassions when he'd done sod-all wrong, so it can only help tilt the balance if he's hanged for a sheep as a lamb. Well done Crouchy - let's have more of the same.

We were generally sh!te until the last ten minutes, but we've qualified as one of the best 16 teams in the world, and, let's be honest, does anyone believe we can get any WORSE ????

16-06-06, 12:37
Dave dear, do'nt you think us British, who are renowned worldwide for our honesty and fair play values should continue to set the rest of the world a good example rather than sinking to the level of some of the foreign dagoes?

16-06-06, 13:04
Not any more.

All that happens is our honesty and fair-play values become abused and exploited by those devious people who want to win more than we do.

So they win, and we lose.

I'm sick of Inngerland being very good at finishing second - or worse. If we have to cheat our way to victory, then so be it.

You need to use every trick in the book if you're going to win something like the world cup. You remember Lothar Matthaus writhing in abject agony to get Gazza booked in the semi-final in Italia '90 ? The "Hand of God" ? Ronaldinho (Mc Donaldhino) telling the world, "Yes, of course it was a shot" ?

I do, and it's about time we joined 'em rather than whinge-ing about how unlucky we were - again. At least then, if and when we do get knocked out, we can say we tried everything - unlike every tournament since 1966 where we've set a fine example of how to play fair - and lose.

16-06-06, 13:09
Oh b#gger the values and mores of new Labour appear to have permeated football as well ...alas

16-06-06, 13:15
Nothing to do with politics Jimi, as far as I'm concerned.

It's about doing the same to the opposition as they would do to you. Traditionally we appear to have felt some kind of moral obligation to play the game fair in order to not win.

All I'm saying is, good old Crouchy - let's see what else we can get away with instead of protesting to the referee (in vain) every bloody time an opposing player swings a crafty one.

17-06-06, 15:08
The trick is to cheat Fairly and not get caught !!!

20-06-06, 08:34
the answer is for footballers to wear their hair short - then the unfortunate English forwards will not find their fingers tangled in their opponents' hair, leading to accusations of cheating.