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21-06-06, 14:55
Heading out from Poole to meander about the CIs, probably based in St PP for most of the time in the first suitable weather window that falls in the first couple of weeks of August. I'm going becasue I enjoyed 5 glorious days over there last year and a single day on Sark was more destressing than 3 whole weeks on the boat in Poole..................

At the moment GC1 is committed, and been promised the functions of safety officer, safety boat, photographer, navigation officer, watch officer and coast guard liason so everyone else can just go along for the crac.............he will however only endore any passage in a F1 or less and is still wavering about his mere 380 mile range for such an undertaking.

Chas25 want's something more challenging than his Solent to Falmouth one day run in his 218 last year; but has spoiled things by getting a 250 thus removing any real element of challenge.................

What's your story?

22-06-06, 10:49
fingers crossed be going across on the 5th August...............

Will tie up nearer the time - be good in convoy, ish !

Also going across next Thursday if weather ok !


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22-06-06, 19:19
Yes I'm up for it, can't do 8th - 15th August though due to other things going on, but free for all the rest of August, fueled up and ready to go /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

22-06-06, 19:52
where's that come from then?

let's watch the weather anyway.................

22-06-06, 20:26
2/3 more boats from Poole looking to go at end of August, bank holiday weekend. If you postpone your trip from early august, please let me know


22-06-06, 20:59
probably going again then ............if the weather permits!

for smaller boats it's all about a nice looking weather window -

23-06-06, 09:35
I am in, Comming back that period from La Rochelle heading to Ostend, its on our route & if the weather doesnt play ball w'l come quickly up north, just need to know when and were.

23-06-06, 23:14
Like some others, if the weather spoils or its more appropriate post 15th Aug you can count me in.

24-06-06, 19:49
well if the weath plays ball I am probably going both early and late in August for about 4 nights each time..........

26-06-06, 14:48
I'll be going to the CI either lateish Friday 28th July or Sat 29th July (weather pemitting). Then on to the north Brittany coast port hopping with the intentions of ending up spending a few days in St Malo (what a great place).

Going for about 10 days in total.

The more the merrier

27-06-06, 11:35

Keep in touch then - I am unlikely to be ready for such a fast departure; and am always tempted by Swanage FIreworks on the Saturday night with a run over to the CIs on the Sunday morning if everything looks rosy weather wise!

I have to say reading the MBM log of the CIs cruise this year makes somewhat sad reading - and these were big boats! Normandy cruise looked good fun though.

Finaly - is St Marlo worth the mileage? If we are only over for say 5 nights? Thoughts?

28-06-06, 13:05

I have not yet talked SWMBO into it but I may be up for a trip the August BHOL, are you and Pete going a second time?



28-06-06, 17:01
hell the first time will be something!

If he doeas the Ostende run his virginity will be in doubt........ /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

29-06-06, 11:50

Fair enough......but I get the feeling he is very keen! /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

Lets see closer the time what we can sort out


Paul /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

02-07-06, 12:32
Well, I'm a novice at this message board stuff but (a) I have a Cinder 22 at Ridge Wharf just below Wareham (b) although I have a yen to take her over I'd just decided XChannel was too far having done it last year in a 30+ footer but (c) wise people change minds and this sounds like a helpful idea. How big are your boats? I'd add that Redclyffe YC have a date in their diary for a crossing (Weymouth as an alternative) on Fri 1 Sept. Also, I'd not skipper myself but seek someone more experienced and 'happy' with a boat as small as mine. I am a Little Ship Club member, too, so have some options to explore. Comments please!

04-07-06, 23:24
Hi Elizabeth, welcome to the forum.
From the list of other possible travellers, it looks as if the trip would be done at relatively high speed. I don't know if this is possible for you or not but suspect Duncan will reply to you in the near future.

05-07-06, 13:46
Elizabeth - welcome to ybw.com!

this particular sub forum is designed to bring together like minded people who are looking for a little company to take that first crossing. For some it's the confidence of a little more experienced heads, for others it's a group hug comfort thing (more boats = more safety). Many boats of every size and shape leave Poole and the Solent at this time of year without a second thought - some of those have helped me in my quest to explore in the past.

Most of the boats already contributing here are around the 25ft mark and expecting to cruise at around 20-25knots if conditions make that suitable - this is not by design ; it's just happened that way.

If you are a displacement boat then you will need to find similar craft to buddy up with on the trip. Simply by saying what you are and what you are hoping to do on here someone may turn up!

07-07-06, 18:00
Duncan, definately would love to do a later august run. Cant do first 2 weeks. Concern would be looking at others showing interest and probable cruising speeds (gc1 49knts and all that)that I have only got a falcon 23 which will cruise at around 20knots but top whack only 26kts. Would want company as a newbie and first timer cross channel with only longer passage experience when bringing back the boat from westbay to gosport with help from BrendanS in May this year. Right up for it and very confident in my boats ability to do it while very aware of my own lack of experience helming, hence my desire to get involved in this trip. Would love to come if your happy to have us along pending weather and dates etc.



07-07-06, 21:01
Hoping that people will get together as suits them.

GC1 can fly at any speed he want's but I am in the same cruising speeds as you !

keep in touch

24-07-06, 22:19
I am up for after 15th August.
Big comfy Moody 38CC.
Can take nervous pasengers, and act as a support boat if needed.
Starting from Plymouth.

25-07-06, 22:07
wellcome mlj - I suspect one of your most likely takers has just has his plans changed (Whisper) but you never know - and other from Plymouth or Salcombe my look in!

01-08-06, 12:54
Hi Duncan
I'd love to do that, only thing is finding the time, just had our two weeks in the IOW, then I've committed myself for a friends wedding in Poland over the Aug Bank Hols. But I would love to if I can. Maybe easier for me in September if the weathers still OK then.

Duncan, can I also just add what a brilliant idea to have this subject on a seperate forum

12-08-06, 13:03
thanks Chris - but thank Keith for the forum please!

Weather has been crap so far during the holiday period and some particpants got sidetracked buying bigger boats.......that's life.

I am still hoping to get over for the last week in August, including the BH weekend, if the weather finally conceeds a nice window. Have 1 other taker already and 2 probables. Idea is to look in on as many ports as practical ie 'do the tour' so that people can return at their leisure to visit the ones they found to thier liking but with a degree of confidence over what to expect re HM/V berths/facilites etc.

The weather gods have not been kind!

14-08-06, 12:35
Well I'm up for it but can't go 'til September now. Will be quieter then anyway. Boat repaired and 20-24knt cruise across sounds good.
Wonder whether my plotter's chart extends that far. /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif

16-08-06, 17:02
just use a compass like the rest of us!

weather window permitting it looks like we have 4 for the 26th with 2 coming back Tuesday and 2 hoping to make a full week of it at the moment.

whether weather........ /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

16-08-06, 21:58
Duncan, count us in on the run of the 26th with the view to coming back on the Tuesday.

17-08-06, 12:47
hey hey! and I thought your were bound to be pretending to be a powerboat racer that weekend!

pete seems to be pulling together interested parties at the moment so have a chat with him - he's far to posh to visit a forum this far down the page now /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

18-08-06, 16:18
I'm sailing to Alderney from Poole around 0600 on Saturday 26th. Then to Cherbourg on the Monday after Sunday walking around Alderney. What time are you departing?

18-08-06, 19:07
If the current forecast light WSW winds occur on that date then I would think we will aim to leave around 1000h from Poole for lunch in Alderney before heading into StPP early Sat evening. The tides are quite large with a morning flood so for us mobos wind with tide is the bigger planning factor.
At the moment there apears to be interest from 3 boats based around the central Solent and 2 from Poole - but these are smaller mobos rather than sailing craft.

If I knew your boat it would be nice to wave or even meet up if the paths cross.


21-08-06, 17:26
Hi Duncan - I hadn't realised yours was a power boat. I'm a 39' Beneteau, Belle Serene, so I'll be doing around 5 kn while you're powering past me at 25 kn! And you get a lie-in!

21-08-06, 20:42
Will look out for you - increasingly looking like we will be running over as the forecast isn't threatening much (or offering a lot either except Sunday sun maybe)

Give us a call if you hear us log a passage plan