View Full Version : Pair of Baltic Childrens Lifejackets

29-06-06, 21:28
I have a pair of Childrens Baltic Lifejackets available as my boys have grown and now wear auto inflating jackets.

15-30 KG ( 2.5 - 5 Stone )

3 Years old, to be honest some dotting from mildew from when stored in locker but cleaned up with Milton etc so dont think their diseased, aside from that their immaculate.

I don't know, offers iro 25 +P&P for the pair? or would swap for a pair of reasonable bouyancy aids for 6 - 10 yr olds?

29-06-06, 23:00
if you dont manage to get any from the forum I can recommend the Crew saverSpiral buoyancy aids /lifejackets.

Just got two new ones for about 35 each for my kids (10 and 12) and amazingly they seem to like wearing them.

Before we embraced europia they would have been classified as buoyancy aids but now they are marketed as lifejackets. They are well made have lots of permanent buoyancy so Im not complaining one way or the other.