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14-07-06, 14:40
Hey, i really want to become a Deck cadet on a cruise ship. I plan on being sponsored but out of the compaines i have applied to, two have said no(carnival and viking). This is something i really want to do so could there be a route in to the cruise ship industry through the merchant navy or similar, I also don't have an A-level in maths or physics, is this necessary. And finally what knida money does a 3rd officer earn? /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif Thanks

14-07-06, 16:23
Contact The Merchant Navy Training Board HERE (http://www.mntb.org.uk/)

18-07-06, 13:02
It is possible to do your cadet time on cargo ships and then move across to the cruise industry once you have passed your exams and gained some watchkeeping experience.

From my experience cadets onboard cargo ships enjoy a more well rounded maritime education and are given far greater responsibility than their cadet chums on the cruise ships. By starting out on cruise ships as a cadet you will be limiting your career options later on as it is easier to move from cargo to cruise rather than vice versa.

Working on a cruise ship may sound glamourous but there is far more to being a ship's officer than attending cocktail parties, hosting dinner tables in the restaurant, and mincing around the passenger decks wearing a uniform.

You could try contacting the SSTG who I believe recruit for Saga Cruises and also Hebridean Cruises. If you need more info then probably best to try posting your questions using the link below as you will receive a better response. Post your questions under the 'Employment' section. Good luck.


14-12-06, 21:53
Also try clyde marine who are based in Glasgow, they act as a trianing company for about fifty or sixty shipping lines.