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16-07-06, 21:53
Booked a table last week for a birthday meal for my mum this Saturday.
Had a disappointing meal and very bad manners and attitude from one of the staff, the owner/manager I think.
Was expensive, food was ok to crap, 2 courses.
Won't be going there again!

17-07-06, 08:22
I've eaten in Sian Elin's twice now. First time was a quiet autumn evening and four of us (lads) dropped in unbooked, food was good, service was friendly and efficient. Second visit, with the wife and kids, was pre-booked on a busier night, menu had been trimmed down severely (due to exceptional lunch trade), food was good, but the service was, at best, acceptable.

17-07-06, 11:30
Sorry to hear that; I've always thought it's one of the better eateries in Yarmouth. Maybe you hit it on a bad night (hot, busy, everyone getting frazzled?), though the mark of a really good restaurant is that they aren't thrown by that kind of thing....

18-07-06, 05:49
We booked a table the other day and had a very mediocre meal. Also way too expensive for what it was. Another victim of The Isle of Wight Overcharging Syndrome. Amateurish service. And for some reason bread was extra! Won't be going again.

18-07-06, 09:12
The Blue Crab in Yarmouth was very good on Friday evening. No view but excellent fish and efficient friendly service. No credit cards taken so stop at the cashpoint on the way there.

18-07-06, 10:34
That was something that puzzled us. How does one eat chicken livers in sauce without bread?
Anyhoo, they got the mains wrong and forgot to cook mine, which was ok, apart from it apparently being my fault, as the waitress had a go at me for it. Very odd. If it hadn't been my mum's birthday, I would have had a point to make about that!
I guess it doesn't matter to them, as they will always get their covers during the season.


18-07-06, 14:05
...I guess it doesn't matter to them, as they will always get their covers during the season...

[/ QUOTE ]

...and they are not always that bothered about that. I remember a few years ago on August bank holiday most of the pubs had stopped serving food because they were "so busy" and the chip shop had a 45 minute wait and very little in the way of choice because it was "the end of the season" so they didn't bother to stock up!

18-07-06, 14:27
Whenever I visit Yarmouth I always eat in Sian Elin's,a real restaurant with very profesional service excellent fish and interest people.Maybe you had a bad night /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

18-07-06, 15:50
I was strongly warned away from SEs by a (very) local Yarmouth business man. A liking for strong drink and occasional fisticuffs by the owner was mentioned so maybe staff relations are not always at their best. This post will self destruct in 100 minutes.......

Personally if we want a decent meal Lymington has more choices, like Egans which is superb. Last time we tried the George in Yarmouth for an anniversary it was very ordinary but sky high priced (read over 100 for 2) and the rest of Yarmouth really is just grades of pub grub.

18-07-06, 17:42
....And for some reason bread was extra! Won't be going again.

[/ QUOTE ]
Seems to be a West Wight thing. When I first moved over here the Waterfront at Totland Bay was actually a reasonable restaurant. First they started to charge for the bread roll, then it was each portion of vegetables. It went downhill and we stopped using it before they started charging for the serviettes!