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04-08-06, 12:19
Has any forumite taken their boat through? I have tried to contact them via the web site but get no response. Can you just turn up and get a passage through or is it a requirement to book in advance?

04-08-06, 14:05
We just turned up. Found they were on strike and anchored for the night.

Next day went to the east end dock and registered etc. and went through immediately. They yelled at us on the radio all the way through because we were going only 5 knots and there was a ship waiting.

Have fun.

04-08-06, 14:07
I anticipate being yelled at for a different sort of speed infringement. Thanks very much though.

Paw Paw
05-08-06, 09:26
You just turn up - pay the fee then go - from the West I seem to remember stopping at the far end to pay..


05-08-06, 12:08
take your camera one of the wonders of the world
If you get a chance go to the top also and look down what a site

05-08-06, 18:31
The others are correct - no bookings needed.

They speak English and you can call them up on channel 10 (I think but check pilot) as you approach either side. You do need to call before going in - as the road either end blocks the canal and no-one can enter until they drop it down below the water!

It is open 24 hours a day but cost more at night and on public holidays. Best viewed daytime anyway.

The payment dock is on the eastern end - south side. It's expensive.

We ran into it before a Westerly F10 down the Gulf this April - went from surfing big black waves at 17 knots to a flat calm in tuquoise waters in 20 seconds - pure magic.

Some pictures approaching the western harbour entry and traversing the canal on our blog - you'll need to go back to to April 2006.


05-08-06, 19:44
I anticipate being yelled at for a different sort of speed infringement. Thanks very much though.

[/ QUOTE ]

What do you mean? You wouldn't be onboard, unless of course we hit unforseen delays /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif Col and I will take the pictures for you!! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Good info though.

05-08-06, 20:07
Sorry - was just tounge in cheek. Do take some piccies please, I'm sure Hugo will want one!

06-08-06, 09:32
Just recently gone through - just stop and pay at the Eastern end. At 170euros for our 12.8m it ain`t cheap but quite spectacular.
Word of warning when you tie up and go in to pay make sure you warp up well inc springs and leave someone with the boat.
If you get a large ship going through the amount of ater they push ahead is incredible and will have you hammering around all over the place.
Enjoy the trip.

07-08-06, 14:03
The dock is rather strange anyway. Just a slab of concrete in mid air. We are small and could not tie up. Just dropped of partner and then headed out again. Waited for a call then went back in to dock and straight through.

08-08-06, 21:34
I spit on those who operate the canal.

June 2001 I think it was. We and two non boaty friends had chartered bareboat one way from Athens to Corfu. NB friends had been enticed with the promise of a leisurely two weeks.

Day two fetch up at the canal, unsure what the meaning of many black flags is. Casually hop up the stairs and ask for a passage only to be told 'we have been bought by a british company, don't like the terms and so we are on strike for the forseeable'.

Stayed on the quay overnight but nothing passed except the coastguard. Next day still no chance of passage, despite the hint of a little extra under the counter.

Ended up motoring around the long way. Leisurely cruise turned into lengthy windless flog. Spent more on fuel than the anticipated canal fee, and to top it all I crashed a scooter on Paxos.

Friends have not been since. Funny that.


09-08-06, 11:41
Would you explain procedure when you are entering from West ( Corinth bay) to Saronic bay. I understand that boat must stop for permission and opening the entrance and stop again in western outlet to pay.Is it correct?

09-08-06, 13:23
..."Isthmia Control" on Channel 11 to get permission to enter and what your "turn" number is. Then when you get to the eastern end tie up on the right bank where the yellow buffers are and go ashore to pay in the office under the control tower. As others have said, make sure that the boat is left well fendered, secured and in capable hands as large vessels pass by at various intervals and their suction can have you rolling around heavily.

Steve Cronin

10-08-06, 10:48
Thanks Steve!

11-01-11, 06:52
This type of corinth canal is really pretty cool.Recently passed by the stop everything and pay at the eastern end. From 170 for our 12.8 million it ain `t cheap, but quite spectacular. Word of warning when you attach and go to pay make sure the chain until good inc springs and let someone with the boat. If you get a big ship passes by the amount of ater they go ahead and beat you is incredible in every sense. Have fun.

History of Ancient Corinth (http://www.ancient-corinth.com/the-history-of-ancient-corinth.html)

11-01-11, 17:27
Last time we passed through (from W to E ) we were held at the entrance until a cruise liner appeared and we had to follow it through. As it was a big 'un it took 2 1/2 hours to traverse the canal and we spent a lot of time in reverse gear .
Look out for the bungee jumpers on the rail bridge ,they almost land on your deck!!

Happy days.

11-01-11, 20:54
I went through E to W 16 months ago. Spectacular but expensive (dearest per mile on the planet).

From either direction contact canal control on approach. It's a bit misleading: "Isthmia Control" on VHF sounds like "Izmir", but that's the one you want. Sorry can't remember channel but it's in the pilot book.

Echo comments about iffy berth next to control centre. Basically, it's a concrete platform on stilts. Anything with low freeboard is inclined to go under them, so wear fenders high (in my case, over the gunwhales). By all acounts it can be very dodgy if passing large vessels make wash.

An alternative, at least if going E to W, is to anchor in the bay immediately N of the eastern entrance. Pilot book suggests holding iffy, but it seemed OK to me. It's then possible to row ashore and cross the bridge to Control on foot to do the bulk of the formalities. You'll still need to call at the Control berth before going through, but only briefly so any risk is reduced. There are a few shops ashore from the anchorage.

Incidentally there's usually a fuel bowser on standby on the Control quay. When I went through its diesel was the cheapest in the area, certainly far cheaper than marina prices. Couldn't find a convenient water tap, though.

11-01-11, 21:09
We motored thru at dusk from W to E and on the other side at 2300 the bar/restaurant wouldn't give us a beer! The kiosk was open and managed to get some cigs then tea back on board!
Brilliant motoring thru...well worth the cost!