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04-08-06, 20:51
I have a 7 of these microprocessor controlled units out of a batch of 10 that I bought ( 1 on my boat, one on a friends and one in the wall at home ). Italian made by the best in the business. Replaces that ugly mechanical thingy that they insist on fitting. Compatible with fridges, airconditioning, central heating.

12v supply draws 30ma

Complete with NTC temperature probe on 1.5m lead.

Contacts rated at 8 amps

LED display of temperature.

Alarm notification - out of range temp etc.

The unit is panel mount, I set mine into the side of the fridge.

60 each - Frigoboat/penguin is selling a 'cheap' one of these for 105 + Vat

PM for a photo and other specs / dimensions

05-08-06, 19:59
Hi could you let me have a photo and dimensions

06-08-06, 09:23

10-08-06, 13:07
Do thet have a 7 day timer built in?