View Full Version : Does anyone know what's happening with red diesel taxation?

18-08-06, 16:24
Is it dead/dying/full of life?


18-08-06, 19:49
All gone a bit quiet, which is probably not good.

18-08-06, 20:46
Last i heard government had not submitted request to extend - see my post and letter from EU

21-08-06, 15:52
Isn't it getting a bit late for anyone to have infrastructure in place by 01-01-07 if red was to go?

21-08-06, 16:03
Here is an update from the RYA (http://www.rya.org.uk/NewsAndEvents/newsroom/news/reddieselupdate.htm)

Looks like there may be prolonged uncertainty /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

21-08-06, 23:22
From what we are hearing on the Irish side, Green Diesel don't laugh, is a dead duck, like the red. It was a done deal a long time ago. The other EU countries aren't one bit impressed by either the UK or ROI's arguments. BTW the reason for green dye here was to control cross border smuggling between ROI and NI. The Mags have always had to give a positive spin on it, but unfortunately the political reality is that it doesn't hurt enough votes for MPs or TDs or MEPs to care other than express their support and promises of vigourous support :rolf

22-08-06, 13:25
Further example of the dead hand of EU socialsm. Perhaps we should leave. Mind you, the article on the RYA site read as if it had been dictated by Sir Humphrey so maybe the Commission just hasn't managed to get itself together. If, as suggested, the marine industry is hard hit, don't expect resignations or changes in policy.

24-08-06, 09:35
Another note on Red diesel HERE (http://www.jameselles.com/Portals/5/Web%20site%20library/Press%20room/2006/Red%20Diesel%20%2005-07-06.DOC)

30-08-06, 17:32

17-09-06, 12:00
Since I will be living 24/7 on my boat can I claim tax exemption from the new additional tax if the derogation is discontinued.
After all, any use of red diesel will be for heating, cooking, transport, etc and therefore will not be for "pleasure" which seems to be then nub of the argument. Can anyone argue that you have a house, car or central heating for "pleasure"
Or, if France still has no tax on red diesel, should I finally reject this country and go and live in a country which seems to stick its fingers up at the EU on most points. After all, I have only lived in the UK for 63 yrs so why not take the full plunge, go live on a boat instead of a house and also emigrate and take my VAT taxation spend elsewhere.
Am I bitter or what

17-09-06, 12:18
Red diesel in France is for commercial boats only. They are prosecuting people with red diesel in their tanks even if it might have come from a country where it's legal.

19-09-06, 18:37
As far as I'm aware, use of red diesel for your heating, cooking etc will still be allowed.

It will not, however, be allowed for propulsion.

Incidentally, for anyone in the dark about the current state of play regarding red diesel, please see my post here:

red diesel update (http://www.ybw.com/forums/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/1156469/page/0/fpart/2/vc/1)

There's a longer update in the new MBM, out on Thursday.