View Full Version : hydravane selfsteering wanted for a atlantic crossing

09-09-06, 16:06
wanted hydravane selfsteerig gear,aquagen towed generator or windgenerator 6 man ocean liferaft all for atlantic crossing,fitting out boat so quite a shopping list jonannie@f2s.com

09-09-06, 19:38
I have an 8 man avon ocean liferaft in a cannister if you are interested. Last serviced a couple of years ago when I had it completely re-rigged and a new air bottle and valves fitted and new flares etc.

11-09-06, 16:48
Yes I am interested in the liferaft is it in certificate date also can you name a price ,I am going to boatshow saturday perhaps we could meet up ,please reply jon

11-09-06, 17:49
I have sent you a private message (PM) which can be accessed by clicking on the flashing envelope in the blue title bar.