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Sans Bateau
13-09-06, 11:32
I believe that there has been some tradition of supporting a charity at the Cherbourg dinner, a hat being passed around where everyone has always generously given. (something to do with timing I think, they've had enough to drink, but still have some money left! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif)

Last year there was a wonderful response for 5girlsinaboat the year before was for (I think) McMillan nurses.

So who is going to nominate a charity this year, and what shall it be?

Phoenix of Hamble
13-09-06, 11:34
perhaps CLIC? A very worthwhile cause....

here (http://www.clic.org.uk/)

13-09-06, 11:38
There are obviously hundreds or even thousands to choose from.

Personally, I prefer that we have a connection - the first year it was for McMillan because forumite Fill had a very personal reason, and Ken did a briliiant job of raising funds. It was intended to be a coffee morning collection but became a great deal more than that.

Last year was for 5girls in a boat, as EtapOwner had a close connection.

So if there is anything which we can relate to will get much more enthusiasm and support, IMVHO.

Phoenix of Hamble
13-09-06, 11:40
I wouldn't argue with that Nick...

Sans Bateau
13-09-06, 11:53

I fully agree.