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  1. I believe the ICC for power is restricted to 10 metres, so I wonder why I bothered with it, then!
    Maybe others can differ, thought it would only be of potential use abroad if I wanted to hire a small rib, somewhere. While French officials seem keen on SSR docs, no one has ever asked about ICC.
    're winter courses...if you know a bit about boats and navigation, then jumping straight to YM theory is perfectly doable, though the course work does require 3 to 5 hours a week...which I found surprisingly hard to find. I just did it for it of a challenge...useless it of paper in the real word, IMHO.
  2. Hi Jon,
    This is not like cars where there is a reference..the only reference is it is your money. Boats are expensive but a huge cost is where you buy and where one day you sell. Some people want the ultimate bargain and would rather not boat for years and wait for that great deal, others want to get out on the water and price is secondary.
    So there is no your research for goodness sake please see enough boats, even if you are not that keen, BC you will be better at gauging a price.
    If the price is 100..for you it might be 75, for me it might be 90...good boats cost more and sell quicker..rubbish sits around for ever.
    Also boat legality is a different law so pls pls read RYA or ask here etc and pls pls do not make any offers until you understand what that means.same on paying a deposit etc. Any twat can be a broker..there are some superb ones and some who make a Daley look a proffesional, so do not look to them.
    It is not a bed of vipers and I think most people are typically fair, but there are horror need to panic at all, but pls don't be duped.
    A really good boat..90 pct of a sensible value....a middle boat at overpriced value...65.75 asking price.
    I ve had offers of 98pct turned down so you never know...just remember it is His boat,so he can. Burn it to the ground if he reason at all he should sell it to you..
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