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    Mine seems to have run dry, does anyone know if they are refillable or do i just replace.

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    Mine got a bubble - getting hold of the correct fluid & a pipette is easy - do a 'search' on this for contact info. Needless to say there is a reason for it disappearing - on mine the plastic bowl had cracked at the join - a bit of araldite worked ok but that was only a year ago so not sure how long lasting it is. The filler is the little plastic stopper at the side which pops out along with a rubber 'o' ring. I guess if your compass is a really important piece of kit for you replacement is probably the wise choice.

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    [ QUOTE ]
    I guess if your compass is a really important piece of kit for you replacement is probably the wise choice.

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    Well put, but if you want a bodge I filled mine with antifreeze 50% H2O and one drop of bleach to remove the colour. sealed with hot glue gun.

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    Try They are good bits of kit and worth repairing.

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    But don't forget the volumes are US Pints, multiply by 5 and divide by 4 for proper pints (and gallons).

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    Depending upon the model, it normally means the bellows have a leak. Repair and replace the fluid. Ritchies are great compasses.
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    I've just done this

    Get in touch with Ritche - they're brilliant

    Flew me out a new diagphram and fluid for a 20 year old discontinued model - all for a few pounds
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