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    Default Re: Forced to use marina maintenance services

    Peters used to have the monopoly in Chichester Marina or you paid x % of repair by outside worker to Peters. They were taken to court last year (I think), now we can use who we like. lots of different marine engineering vans in the marina now. Much more healthy.

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    Default Update - told to leave the marina

    The situation has, sadly, escalated:

    Taking the dashboard off means that you remove the throttles and the steering wheel, while the actual work was done off-site. In order to avoid offending the "I'm the managing director of this company" marina manager, we brought the dashboard back onto the boat last night, and came to put the steering wheel and throttles back on this morning. Once on, we planned to take the boat out, tie up to some public moorings downstream and carry on our work.

    Sadly, though, even getting the steering wheel on was deemed to be "work by way of trade" and I was instructed to "take the boat out and find another mooring".

    Delighted to say that I did find another mooring, all sorted out to bring the boat in on the Tuesday of the Jubilee weekend. At a marina that accepts other contractors subject to two reasonable conditions -
    1 that they inform the marina office, and
    2 that they pay a fee of £15 per day, which I assume is to cover insurance, facilities etc. Perfectly reasonable.

    The manager also asked me if I'd come from <my old marina>. Eminently, my old marina manager had been phoning around to warn colleagues about "a wrong-un (he'd) just had to sling out" Not yet ready to name and shame as it may affect some legal action that we may get involved in, but delighted to name and fame my new host - step forward Malcolm Miatt from Teddington Harbour - also home to the Teddington Lifeboat, of which he is the station honorary secretary.

    At no stage was my old host interested in finding out why he had not been given a look in to carry out the work, and at no stage was he prepared for any discussion.

    "You looking for me?"
    "I'm not in"
    "In that case, could I ask you to give me a call at your convenience, ideally sometime this afternoon"
    "I've made my decision"
    "Yep, not a problem, I wouldn't dream of trying to reason with you - I just wanted to let you know when I would be going, and to arrange the refund of my berthing fees. Anyway - we’ve got the Boat Safety examination for her arranged for 9.30 tomorrow morning"
    "Who are you using"
    "Can't remember the guy's name - but I found him through the Environment Agency"
    "Well the only BSS examiner we allow on site is Nick Allen"
    "Sorry, Ian, it's already booked. OK - talk later"

    I still wait by the phone - I know it's working - I've had other calls.

    The saddest thing is that this is, for me, a leisure activity. I don't want to be fighting with anyone over anything boating. My direct debits have always been paid, and all I wanted was the opportunity to enjoy my favourite leisure activity (OK OK - obsession!) in peace, calm and good humour. Why have I been branded a "wrong'un"?

    Thanks for the pointer on the Peters case - any idea when? Last year? xxx v Peters plc? Chichester County Court?

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    Default Re: Update - told to leave the marina

    I wonder if this is one of the chain of marinas that was considering making its staff all wear some sort of Blazer to promote the right image.

    And this is summer is it?

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    Default Re: Update - told to leave the marina

    lol - lord no! I think this guy is a one-off... certainly hope so...

    Blazers? Only in the context of his temper, I suspect!

    PS Is this really the summer? :-)

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