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Thread: Thoughts on 12%

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    How about a big anti-EA policies and price hike rally? One weekend soon, while we still can... Before they close all the ###wanted to put a rude word in here but didn't### Locks...

    At Henley, say... Or parading up and down outside Parliament...

    I'll bring my old mobo happily, and do some banners etc.

    Do we have a media-savvy boat owner to ensure maximum press?
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    Whilst the idea appeals to me, the reality is that we would have great difficulty in mustering enough boats to mount a serious onslaught of waterborne civil disobedience.

    I did, at one point, wonder if blockading the 600-odd narrowboats in at Beale Park over August Bank Holiday might not have been a spectacular idea [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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    Won't go down to well really. For the non boating public it'll look like a bunch of "rich" people (if only) moaning/protesting about a luxury most dream of........

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