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    Default More Boat / TV questions.

    Having just recieved a txt from my mobile phone service provider "3", to advise that I can now get unlimited TV service on my phone for 5 quid per month.

    Now, I can't imagine that anyone over the age of 17 would really want to watch TV on a 2inch screen, but I was wondering if its possible to drive an LCD screen or laptop with the input from the phone?

    Regards Nick

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    Default Re: More Boat / TV questions.

    A 2" screen at 1ft 6" subtends the same viewing angle as a 20" tv at 15 ft.
    My RAZR phone is the equivalent of a 22.5" screen

    So unless you have been afflicted by the screen growth canker (Wallet bleeds money as kids demand 42" plasma screens) spend lots of money with 3 as all on board watch different programmes on their own phones.
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    Default Re: More Boat / TV questions.

    It will depend on the phone, but in gerneral I doubt it. Anyway, you would still get the same resolution as on your phone - ie a big blurry picture

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    Default Re: More Boat / TV questions.

    Samsung D600 has a TV output, (most phones dont seem to have the facility). Recently bought some on ebay for between 75 & 100 or so. All unlocked, but ISTR that they all said not suitable for '3'... dont know why.
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    Default Re: More Boat / TV questions.

    You what??
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