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    Default Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    Dear all,

    The previous owner of our boat had roller-reefing gear fitted (Plastimo 406), together with a new (150%?) genoa. When the furling gear was fitted, one of his stipulations was that he should be able to continue to use his hanked-on sails. He was given a bunch of these (Which slide nicely into the groove on the RR foil) but didn't know what to do with them (he wasn't the keenest sailor - he was selling the boat to buy a jet-ski [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]).

    The hanked-on sails that came with the boat seem to be (mostly) in very good nick, particularly the 100% and 80% jibs, and there's an unused 40 sq ft. Rockall storm jib.

    Q1) I presume that the piston hanks need to be removed from the sail, and these attached instead (stitched tape, plastic shackle, lashing, etc.), rather than just hanking on to these?

    Q2) How strong are they likely to be? Is it sufficient to attach one where each hank came from?

    Q3) I'm aware of the 'issues' (PC -eh?) of trying to change a jib in conditions which have already resulted in reefing, but which of the above sails would be the best complement to the 150% Genoa? (For example to set before leaving the mooring if conditions looked a bit heavy.)

    Q4) (sorry) Would you use these for the storm jib (only 5 hanks)? If not, is there any way I could make use of it (no baby stay, or 2nd forestay, but spare halyard. No other storm jib).

    Phew! If you've got this far - Thanks!

    Andy (22' Newbridge Venturer)
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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    Sorry I can't help directly.... but, those sliders do look like a good idea, if they work, of fitting hanked sails on a roller reefing setup. I would have thought that you hank on to those, otherwise the sail would still have needed altering and reading your description the previous owner didn't want this, all IMHO of course.

    I read with interest.

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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    I've seen those used, we even have one at the clew of our main with a few wraps of tape and sewn in the middle. The only issue is how many to fit, I can't see any obvious reason why you would need more than the hanks but somebody might know. Plan B, ask a rigger they should be familiar with them.

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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    Hi Andy.
    Would it be worth having the bolt rope in the luff of the sails re worked to fit the foil it would hand/roll better and the sail may still need to be reworked to work as a reffed sail properly. But that would depend on the foil/mech and the cut of the sail.
    I don't know if "Mouse Loft" is still at T bay holyhead but may be worth an enquiry. I will see if I can find their Tel No. or may be some one can help.
    Cheers David.
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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    If you've got enough and there is enough clearance can't you just attach one of your plastic widgets to each piston hank on each of the sails and then just slide them up the RR groove.

    If this isn;t possible then a sailmaker will be able to replace your piston hanks with these and attach them strongly enough so that there shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't recommend you try it yourself unless you're really confident as the forces involved, especially with storm canvas can be considerable.

    The great thing about them is that your RR will still work and if you have to take down any canvas including the storm jib (!) then you'll be able to roll it away from the cockpit. Seems like a perfect blend of old and new to me but I'm sure there will be other opinions.

    Whatever, hope it all goes well.

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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    I've never seen those before but they seem a good idea.
    Using them for a storm jib would worry me though.
    OK if you are going to start out with a storm jib, but if you need to change down from a larger, you would need to let the old sail fully out in order to remove it. Not something I would fancy doing with all the flapping involved.Especially sitting on the foredeck of a 22ft boat.
    Have you considered having a removable 2nd forestay for storm jib use?

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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    My previous boat, a Leisure 17, came with a Plastimo foil and two headsails - both altered in exactly the way you describe.

    The hanks had been removed, and the plastic sliders lashed onto the eyelets - using some form of rustless wire rather than thread. It worked fine for me. Changing sails whilst underway will still leave you with the problem of loose sail billowing about the foredeck but the sliders are probably easier to remove, and when refitting you are dealing with one slider at a time - pushing them up the foil the minimum amount so that they are all attached before you attempt to hoist the sail.

    If you already know the conditions before leaving the berth, then fit the sail which can be used, unreefed , in those conditions.

    Once you have started to reef in worsening conditions, you cannot then change to a smaller sail.

    BTW - My current boat - an Albin Vega - still uses hank on headsails. I prefer these as I can change to an appropriate sail but my wife is trying to persuade me to change to roller furling as she is unhappy that I need to work on the foredeck and she needs to helm in worsening conditions.


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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    I have some of these from when I fitted a Plastimo roller about 10 years ago, I never used them but I think they were intended to clipped to the standard hanks.

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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    At first sight I thought this looked good but thinking about it you might be heading for the worst of both worlds. If you use hanked sails you have failsafe reliability with a sail cut right for the conditions. With furlers you swop ease of sail changing for being able to shorten sail from the cockpit but at the expence of increasingly poor performance. The main difficulty with changing a furling sils is not the luff slide (they are used in racing all the time) but the fact that the sail has to be fully unfurled and its then a 2 person (at least) job to change sails. With these you still have the same problem, the sail must be unfurled and is then likly to be a problem as there is too much of it for the conditions (otherwise you wouldent have reefed it) so I can't see the point - why not just use the luff slide? Even better if you can set an inner forstay with a hanked sail and an out reefer

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    Default Re: Can I bend a hanked-on sail to a roller reefing foil?

    I had some fitted for easy storing of my mainsail on the boom. The headboard uses a tape and the luff has eyelets and rings a bit like shower curtain hooks. I reckon on a roller headsail they'd be a bit lumpy and cause wear.
    I had a new luff tape with integral bolt rope fitted for about 60 on a genoa.


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