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    I have just received an identical reply.
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    I didn't get any reply at all [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]


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    I have another reply;

    Thank you for your email on the subject of the UK's derogation on marine
    diesel which was passed to me from the Office of Richard Ashworth MEP.

    As you are aware, the UK was originally granted a number of exemptions
    from Council Directive of 27 October 2003 on restructuring the Community
    framework for the taxation of energy products and electricity
    (2003/96/EC). In particular, Article 18, paragraph 1 which authorises
    Member states to continue to apply reductions in the levels of taxation
    or exemptions as set out in Annex II. For the United Kingdom, the list
    in Annex II includes "a reduction in the rate of excise duty on diesel
    to encourage the use of more environmentally friendly fuels," as well as
    for "navigation in private pleasure craft. European legislation on this
    issue is very clear: the UK government has the discretion to decide its
    excise duty policy in these two areas (amongst others listed in Annex

    Aware of the disastrous impact that this directive could have on the UK
    private boating and marine industry, Conservatives in the European
    Parliament have continually opposed any move to get rid of red diesel in
    Europe. Indeed, when I was first made aware of the situation I wrote
    immediately to John Healey MP, at the time the Minister responsible for
    how the UK should fight to retain this derogation, in order to express
    my support for its retention.

    The UK government did submit the request for the extension of the
    derogation and received the Commission's response in June. Although the
    Commission is not in favour of extending the derogation UK Ministers
    maintain the belief that there is a strong enough case to support its
    renewal. The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) is continuing in its
    co-operation with the government to work on putting forward as strong as
    possible an argument in support of this.

    However, ultimately the decision to grant the derogation depends upon
    unanimous agreement from the Council of Ministers to an eventual
    proposal from the Commission, this is without doubt a lengthy procedure
    and it is quite possible that the in the meantime the Commission may
    grant temporary extension to the derogation, although this may only add
    to the confusion.

    I am liaising directly with the relevant unit in the Commission in order
    to secure that a strong proposal is put forward to the Council and will
    do all I can to support the extension of this derogation.

    Yours sincerely,

    Daniel Hannan MEP

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    I have my first reply
    Dear Mr Burgess,

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding the issue of the European Commission
    deciding not to extend the derogation for fuel used in recreational
    crafts for navigation. For so many people in Wales and in Europe as a
    whole, the derogation on red diesel has been essential in allowing them
    to have access to leisure boating that may otherwise have been too
    expensive. It is with deep regret that there is now a possibility that
    this opportunity may be taken away.

    According to the BBC a man who is running a passenger charter business
    faces a rise of over 50% in costs if derogation comes to an end. Further
    as I am sure you are aware the Royal Yachting Association claims that
    "54% of recreational boat owners said they would or may have to give up
    boating altogether if there's a dramatic increase in the price of red
    diesel". These statistics show that the effects that this move could
    have upon people and their pursuits. This proposal will leave many
    people unable to finance their favourite pastime.

    Whilst the decision will be taken by the European Commission; I assure
    you that my colleagues and I are putting pressure upon the Commission to
    extend derogation. If you have any further questions on this or any
    other subject then do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jonathan Evans MEP (Wales)
    Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with the U.S.

    I cannot see how it would effect the charter business mentioned as this is not under threat.
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    Interesting reply.

    I seem to remember that from some of the information we have seen, the charter business in question claimed that they would need to hike prices - for the first year at least - in order to cover the hit to their cash flow caused by being forced to claim back tax later in the year.

    The proprietor was unsure as to whether take-up at these prices would be sufficient for the business to remain viable.
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