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    i've seen a few of these boats advertised over the last two or three years but i have been unable to find out anything about them - no class association that i can find; no reports listed. can anyone tell me how they sail; what their weak points are and so on?
    any information would be much appreciated.

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    I had one for 2 seasons and enjoyed sailing it .They are a hard chine grp sloop with a steel centerplate .They have an enormous cockpit with a very small 2 berth cabin forward.

    One nice thing is that by standing in the main hatch you can reach the halyards etc to reef the main without clambering on deck.You can pick up a mooring tail from there with a long boathook so you neednt leave the cockpit until the mooring rope is in your hand.

    Performance is very good,mine wasnt especially close winded but the sails were quite old.

    Basically they are a safe stable daysailer with the possibility of overnight weekending,having said that I bet some intrepid person has done an epic voyage in one.Dont pay too much for one,I would think you could get a reasonable one on a trailer for £1000.
    Best Wishes Graham. PS a boat yard in Solva West Wales reconditions them and there is a racing fleet sails out of Solva.


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