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    Default Re: What would you look for in a broker?

    Personal recommendation from a previous customer is a good start, also I would check that the broker actually has the boat physical or has at least seen the boat in question, loads just list anything and everything they can get their hands on and have never been near the boat. You get a load of b.s. about how mint it is and rock up to find its a shed.

    Somewhat vested interest in recommending Inwards but before we went with a broker for our second hand stuff we checked out everyone and they were by far the most professional of the lot. They look after everything from lift in / out, surveys, valeting, berthing, maintainance, repairs and all the sales docs and handover, they also HPI check everything. Cara is the girl on the document side and she is a fearsome woman when it comes to paperwork, hounds the bejesus out of me for all the paperwork before anything happens with a sale, still, nice to know everything is tickey boo when sale is complete.

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    Default Re: What would you look for in a broker?

    I think at this time of the year there is always going to some grime on a boat, and they cant spend their whole time cleaning and waxing every boat they have so it looks its best. But still, its shouldnt be grubby, and definitely should be full of current owners junk in cupboards and fridges.

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    Default Re: What would you look for in a broker?

    [ QUOTE ]
    they also HPI check everything.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Really? How do they do that when boats don't have V5's or in many cases any form of registration then? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: What would you look for in a broker?

    Having purchased twice from the same broker..(same company you used to sell your last boat Jez..I think). I will probably go to them now to sell mine.

    -wide internet coverage
    -professional environment
    -full service to buyers for loans/surveys etc
    -a major market presence
    -up-front information on costs
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