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Thread: £200 limit

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    Default £200 limit

    Further to some heated debate here earlier today I'd like to point out that the price limit for selling on here is £200. If you're looking to get more than £200 this ain't the place to sell it...

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    Default Re: £200 limit

    Thank you Keith. A point worth making.

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    Default Re: £200 limit

    Keith, would it take much coding, to show a reminder about the limit when a new thread is started on Sale forum - Agree to the limit and continue, or have the thread dumped.

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    Default Re: £200 limit

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    Default Re: £200 limit

    access denied

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    Default Re: £200 limit

    yea - access denied is no good at all!

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    Default Re: £200 limit

    Could it be increased if there were some compulsory advertising inserted into each page, or maybe a couple of click throughs?

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    Default Non-Commercial Enforcement

    How about getting the Non-commercial part enforced as well... Just a thought....
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    Default Should the limit be raised?

    Dear Keith,
    £200 is not a lot these days unfortunately, and if boaters are using this forum to unload unwanted items, saving others a fair amount of money, as long as it is not a commercial company, is that a problem?
    I recently tried offering 2 brand new spinnakers which had cost me inc VAT over £5k for £750 each, many of the righteous people who complained that I exceeded the £200 limit should have noted the £4,000 saving to be made.
    Anyway if itís non commercial transaction between fellow boaters, and helps both parties out, what a great forum!!
    Now lets improve it by removing the price limit.

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    Default Re: Should the limit be raised?

    This is very much the same as I said on the post that was deleted. Yes an item may be more than £200 but it can be a huge saving to the buyer, if its not, we're not so stupid as to pay over the top for something. In fact I think it has been mentioned before on another thread how tight forumites can be! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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