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    Default Re: Raggie Stickers

    I agree that all boats should be easily identifiable within a certain range, and yes I would apply the same rules to Raggies as well. Certainly the post was not meant to be discriminatory in any way.

    And to add to this it would help if yachts engaged in racing flew a huge flag from the backstay or pole/stick so that all other users could be wary of them and avoid the calls such as; "Starboard" "Can't you see we're racing"

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    Default Welcome mat

    Yesterday I was given a plastic welcome mat by some people who are guests on the 64 in the autumn. Do I tell them they can't come? Say it was stolen from the quayside, say it was washed overboard - or wait till they have been and throw it away?

    She is rounding Cape Fitzroy as I write.

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    Default Re: Insurance companies pursuing idealist agenda

    Half the insurance companies couldn't give a damn about the Yellow Code and the mere fact that a motor boat swamps a raggie wouldn't bother them.


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