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Thread: precious cargo

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    Default precious cargo

    Easter will spell the start of my 8 month daughters first boating season, and in addition to any advice that members of the forum would like to offer, just in case we've totally overlooked it, the principal reason for my thread is safety.

    We are rigging a childs seat in the cockpit which she will be confined to whilst underway, but if there are any other suggestions I'd be interested to hear your views.

    Also, given the range of life preservers etc. available any actual advice or feedback on particular types would be very gratefully received.

    As to our cruising, we're based on the South Coast and initially we'll be looking at mainly coastal trips, although - if we ever get some decent weather - the plans for the season include the odd trip to Cherbourg and the Channel Islands.

    And yes we've got a liferaft and inflateable tender.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I'm making similar plans for August and my daughter is currently only 2 weeks old!

    What sort of seat did you put in the cockpit? I have a spare car seat of the backwards facing variety and was planning on attaching it next to the main hatch where it would be partly sheltered by the spray hood.


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    Default Tie your hands behind your back.

    It'll stop you throwing her overboard when she just won't stop crying!


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    Default Re: precious cargo

    If you have a quarter berth then a piece of net over the front makes a good play pen.

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    Default Re: Tie your hands behind your back.

    Don't let this worry you

    My daughter was sailing at 3 months

    It was instant anaesthetic - out like a light - anywhere on the boat.

    Still does and shes near 12 now.

    We had 2 washboards one with babyseat attached - worked well.

    Go for it

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    You might not get a metal envelope / blanket for hypotheria treatment purposes just for a fit adult crew, but with toddlers aboard, there is just the possibility of being at sea longer than expected and cold setting in/ child getting wet accidentally etc. For the small price, worth it - also useful for shuddering grown-ups, of course!!

    Peter Gibbs

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    We sailed all through last season with an October baby, and our second is now 1 week old and due for launch in May

    Here are my tips

    1 - Backwards facing car seat is a must, we had a "rock-a-tot" from the car, which sat on the cockpit floor in front of the washboards and was fine. I'd resist the temptation to fasten it in (attach harness when rough - but you won't be out in near capsize weather) as the suggestions so far ie alongside the hatch would be too drafty, so unless you've got a v low companionway or v wide cockpit then wedging it in is best

    2 - You can get a rain cover for them too which is a must

    3 - We have a high-chair which clamps onto the table - Dump him down below when coming alongside out of the way and you can leave him safely. They are also excellent for going to the pub! - Available from mothercare for around £5

    4 - Fit a lea cloth for afternoon naps

    5 - The curver box bath We used a plastic storage box which fitted below the table as a toy container / bath - worked a treat

    6 - Forepeak cot - We attached a cot side across the fore-peak by elastic and let the baby sleep there - totally protected. A pilot berth would be just as good

    7 - Have fun - a don't listen to the panickers.

    Tim James

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    Thanks Tim

    2 great ideas here, the clamp on high chair and especially the curver box bath - really good idea, and cuts down on all the clutter! I'm already of the opinion that I now need a bigger boat, although I think that the little madam now negates that!

    Thanks again.


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    We've got her a Britax (Club Class Extra) which should last her until she's 4.

    I've mounted some discreet eyes under the cockpit seat which I can use to lash the lower struts of the seat to. The back rests against the normal seat back and is lashed around here too. All in all it seems very secure and after all we're not going to be bouncing about a lot with her at this stage.

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    Good suggestion, although my wifes already invested in a folding playpen/bed of the Graco variety which she assures me is essential and will be ideal for this purpose, only problem is it's just another item to stow when it's not in use!

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