En route from Roscoff to L'Aber Wrach the moose observed patches of seaweed with unusual characteristics. The weed was in fact fishing net floating on and just below the surface with a complement of seaweed and tiny crustaceans. The mooses’ game of I Spy came into its own when they spotted another large patch of this “weed” on the bow. A sharpish course alteration was made and the engine cut when the inevitable could not be avoided. Fortunately this course of action meant that the net was only caught and not wrapped around the prop. Pulling from one side of the boat released what turned out to be a piece of polypropylene net 20metres x 1.5m. With the net safely stowed on deck with only a delay of 15 minutes we reflected on how lucky we had been not to have to try out our snorkelling techniques mid winter and how effective our rope cutter would have been. We suspected the cutter would not have put up much a fight against such an opponent and we would have got very cold and wet.

I Spy “net”continued the following day with several patches spotted and a couple recovered where it was safe to do so.

The moose are now consuming vast quantities of carrots so that they can carry on their game whilst night sailing.