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    Default Re: boat broker not interested?

    Will do, I will enjoy looking at the boats, and bargaining ( OK haggling ) espcially as I am in no hurry , kids going through university etc.

    Have just been to LBS, I have to say I thought it OK, must admit talking to sale`s people and taking note of names / companies to see if they have been flagged up on this forum though. Just my suspicious nature !!



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    Default Re: falling over sales

    [ QUOTE ]
    .....I was just very suprised at the brokers lack of effort. .................but this may back fire on them now, as went and saw two other boats over the last week, and now we have the option of 3 boats we like, all in similar condition, at a price we can afford.
    With not alot between the boats, it maybe that we go with the broker we feel more comfortable with.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I hope I wasnt necessarily condoning the brokers lack of action, merely suggesting possible reasons for it.

    Glad you've got a choice of 3...... if it was the seller who was being arsey, perhaps the broker will be able to use the experience to get him to play ball.

    One of the problems with buying through an agent is that sellers will use the agent who makes the best pitch, (and it might be all sizzle and no sausage), whereas buyers have to use the agent who has the boat they want to buy.

    Having said that... if there are several equal choices amongst different brokers, or several brokers selling the same boat, hopefully the poor agents will suffer.
    Narrowboating From Stretford!!

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