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    Default replacement for Perkins 4.107 diesel engine?

    We have inherited a neglected Elysian 27 with a Perkins 4.107 diesel engine. The engine has a cracked head, blown piston rings, etc, etc and needs extensive work. We are considering replacing it with a reconditioned engine of a more modern design. Does anyone know of an engine would fit?

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    Default Re: replacement for Perkins 4.107 diesel engine?

    We replaced a BMC with a new Thorneycroft.

    Have a look at their web site for ideas and they are really helpful on the telephone. They can point you in the direction of "pre-owned" as well.

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    Default Re: replacement for Perkins 4.107 diesel engine?

    Having suffered loss of my 4-99 .... I then replaced with a 4-107 second-hand job. If that should go "pop" - then I would go for the same or a 4-108 later version.

    They fit the same mounts subject to sump case ...

    The Perkins is an old design - but will go for years and years ... there are usually quite a few available second-hand where people think they should update engine ... why ?? They are good engines.

    When you start costing up changing an engine ... often you get into shaft, couplings, propellors, mounts, bearers etc. etc. The cost just escalates way outside any estimate usually given you. You'll probably have to look at gear-box as well.

    Personally ... I would look for a second-hand 4-107 or recon job to stick straight in as direct replacement.

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    Default Re: replacement for Perkins 4.107 diesel engine?

    I had original twin Perkins 4108's from 1975 in my last boat a RLM 27, they never let me down,guess somebody must of misused yours,
    I agree with others above fit another Perkins, the 4108 is in 45hp or 50hp, go for the bigger version, with mine I got a gallon an hour fuel consumption per engine at 7 knots cruising at 2200rpm.
    They will also go with I guess you may have Enfield Z drive.
    Great engines!
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    Default Re: replacement for Perkins 4.107 diesel engine?

    I had an Elysian 27 (called Elysian Dream by the way) with a 4.107 mated to a TMP gearbox. I rebuilt my 4.107 myself when it went bang in 1980. The 4.107M version shares all parts with the Transit/taxicab 4.107 apart from heat exchanger, seawater pump etc and timing cover so parts don't have to be expensive.
    My last boat had an older 4.99, like all Perkins they're fairly bomb-proof and fixing yours will give it a complete new life span.

    I got mine out and home, stripped it, sent all bits to a rebore shop for de-greasing so I could look at them,
    had it bored, crank ground, new ends, pistons and gaskets were all it wanted. The trick is to make sure you get it timed up correctly when you put it back together, easiest to centre-punch everything before you strip to get relationships right when you re-assemble. Get gaskets from parts shop like Unipart, not Perkins who charge a bomb, the re-bore shop will get you rings, pistons & bearings. The de-grease means a de-paint as well, spray everything up a nice blue metallic before you re-assemble, finished job looks a treat and you'll be proud of it. You've obviously had a problem to wreck the head - rings break up or massive overheat perhaps? There are still loads of them about so a s/h one should be readily available. They really are a great engine and perfect for the Elysian which is a lovely wide beamed boat with loads of side deck space compared with the same length Seamaster. Enjoy her!

    Changing it out for another make like the Thorneycroft (which I have in my current boat) would mean changing the gearbox housing, couplings an possibly prop-shaft. Not worth it. Consider getting the gearbox looked at whilst it is out, the old chap who bought all TMP and Nicco parts/tooling is a real professional, lives and works from his home in Weybridge, Surrey. It really is worth it whilst everything is out to get it looked at as it's a pig to extract once it's back in the boat.

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    Default Re: replacement for Perkins 4.107 diesel engine?

    i had the 4108 with tmp box
    box rebuilt then engine smoked badly @ the season end so hauled the lot out & replaced with a Nanni 4150.
    nanni now @ 400 Hrs equally as good as the perkie
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    Default Re: replacement for Perkins 4.107 diesel engine?

    I rebuilt my 4108s in 2004, am well pleased with them.


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