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    Default thinking towards the far could I go?

    i was inspired tonight after a chat to a roving friend of mine. i've seen plenty of pics on here and stories from people with big boats heading over to france and picking their way down through the rivers etc...does it eventually end up in the med?

    if i was to keep up my training, (advance PB next) and with all the safety gear, would it be over ambitious to head for the adriatic?

    i originally said the med to my mate, and he said why not the adriatic? i dont know why not

    i'm fortunate to have a job that i can do with just an internet connection and a phone. i could make use of the stories on the way for my work

    with enough fuel money, and a couple of willing mates, would you chance a passage over to france and then to spain and gibraltar a 28ft boat?

    assuming the window was around get home too

    sorry if this is naive of me - had a couple of 'sharperners' and the cogs are a grindin'!

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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could you go?

    with three months, yes Just pop from port to port when the weather window looks good.

    28' boat no problem, you could do it in one much smaller.

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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could I go?

    I reckon 3 months is tight. The Adriatic is quite a long way and going via the french canals and rivers will be time consuming.
    Presumably you want some time to stop off en route to explore lots of places and then relax when you get to your final destination. I'd make 4 months my minimum time and try to take 6.
    Even better would be to take 3-4 months to get there and then do the return trip the following year.

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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could I go?

    would it be better to blast down the bay of biscay on a good day? would that be quicker?

    i would certainly like some time to loiter around the ports and brush up on a little french mopeds or even take pushbikes with us. plus do some kitesurfing too!

    brendanS - it makes there would be no reason why any leg need be any worse than the first if conditions are good

    would you consider that there would be a risj it may blur into a caravan on sea experience? maybe lenght of voyage isnt the answer...what would make it more challenging...maybe we should head up towards denmark and sweden?

    all over the place here, apologies

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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could I go?

    You could probably do it, given the right weather, no major mechanical problems and some crew - but 3 months there and back is probably a bit "tight" to be enjoyable. (Says me who once rode a motorbike to Berlin and back, in a weekend - "just to see if I could" [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img])

    As a first step though you might want to calculate your fuel costs............

    How about going to Paris? In at least part of the River it would be nice to have plenty of "poke"...........even if you can't use full welly all the way (I beleive??). Got an aim that is a bit more acheivable, but still a very big trip. Plus it sounds a "cool" trip!, and plenty of good eating on the way through France.............and women LOVE Paris [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could I go?

    paris oh yes...once i went out with a parisian/en girl and what a total joy having such a lovely lady draped about your shoulders in the hot tub/bar/watching cricket etc...

    isn't there just something about the way they...smell; a mate of mine once said. i'd agree, always very special in the products they use etc...

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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could I go?

    3 months travelling time is almost exactly how long we took last season from Poole to Marseille. This was very leisurely, and as boating is a leisure pusuit what is the point of doing it any other way I reckon there and back in that time is possible but pointless. Why not just leave your boat down there over winter and have another enjoyable trip bringing it back? Moorings are much cheaper than UK anyway.
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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could I go?

    You could certainly do it. Why not spend 3 months getting there then ship the boat back, wouldn't cost much. Biscay/Spain/Portugal route in a 28' boat could be done, but you'd spend a lot of time stuck in port IMO waiting for a weather window, so I reckon canals may be better, that way you avoid most the nasty bits.

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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could I go?


    You could do the biscay route with hops around the coast
    Have you consided the fuel cost that way i worked out to do it on my twin diesel engine boat it was gonna work out at around £ 6-7000
    But via the canals i did it oneway for £ 2350 and if you go hell for leather you can get from Uk poole ish /sth coast to marseille in 16 days
    Mush better to do it slowly if you dont mind ditch crawling
    Better I reckon to truck it down for £ 2500ish then spend the time actually cruising the areas you like
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    Default Re: thinking towards the far could I go?

    I'm going to disagree with some views here. I think the Biscay route for a 28 ft motor boat is potentially hazardous. Once you get into the corner of the bay, distances between ports of refuge are quite far and then you have to be wary of storms and Atlantic swells in the bay and along the Spanish and Portugese coasts not to mention regular high winds thru the Straits of Gibraltar. Much more relaxing to take a 28 footer thru the French canals especially as height would not be a prob.
    Once you get to the Med thru the French canals you've still got a long haul to get to the Adriatic around the bottom of Italy where the wind and sea conditions can also be severe. If you really want to get to the Adriatic, IMHO you should use the French canals to get to the Med, exiting at the mouth of the Rhone, cruise east along the French and Italian rivieras to Genoa. At Genoa, haul the boat out and truck it across Italy to wherever you choose in the Adriatic

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