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    Default Change of Cruising area if Diesel goes up to one pound per litre

    I have been lurking for some time now and have found the forums to be a wealth of information, but I feel that it is about time I posted on this forum, I have been Motor Boating for some 15 years now, Starting off in smaller boats and over the years have worked hard to move up in size.

    I have enjoyed cruising the south coast of the UK and the North Coast of France including the Channel Islands, I for one now feel that with the loss of derogation and if marine Diesel goes up to one pound per litre, I will be forced to ether move my boat to the Med or keep most of my cruising in the area of the channel Islands which I believe not being in the EU. will continue to sale low duty fuel, I hope, has any one else had similar thoughts.

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    Default Re: Change of Cruising area if Diesel goes up to one pound per litre


    We've just been researching various subjects following on from red diesel for our March issue. Things like: how will petrol/diesel running costs compare post red diesel, single v twin engines etc. We also looked at the costs of keeping your boat overseas.

    The results are a bit complicated to reproduce here (you'll have to buy the magazine on the 15th!), but certainly seems cheaper to put your boat pretty much anywhere overseas, except for some 'hot spots' in the Med.

    As you say, the Channel Islands will still have cheap fuel; the berths are quite cheap too, but finding one looks quite difficult.

    I guess the big question is, can you handle not being able to 'pop down' to the boat? Many of the people we spoke to could take several months off work (or were retired) so they can spend a considerable amount of time on their boat. For those of us with 9-5s, it's a bit more of a sacrifice.
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    Default Re: Change of Cruising area if Diesel goes up to one pound per litre

    Yep, thats what I think! time to retire soon so spend a couple of years or so in the Med and then pack up boating. The cost of going to the C.I. would be just silly in fuel prices, we could have a couple of weeks in the sun for the same amount of money! Wife and I generally take August off and cruise the south coast etc, but the weather is often rough and cold even in August, so it just will not be worth spending £4000. or so on the fuel! its a great pity because I love long distance cruising but I am afraid like most women my wife does not enjoy it to the same extent and this will cause her to say enough is enough its not worth what we are spending! I really do believe that boating will be for the wealthy again.



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