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    Default Re: Ok, so lets say you have me thinking...

    Hello Jez
    Chartering is possible you need to get boat coded & get a commercial endorsement on advanced pb if you have already got one, or coastal skipper. also sea survival & first aid cert + medical cert ENG1 or ML5
    To get any sort of decent work you need to be near Moraira (only 55 miles from Ibiza) or in the Balaerics(expensive) Failing that move further south to La Manga & the Mar Menor. There are a couple of boats working out of Tomas maestow that seem to do ok. I can get you a 10metre berth in Torrevieja no problem about €3400 per annum + leccy & water. There are also some new berths for sale in Tomas Maestow. Alicante is another option but once again a little pricy compared to others. Berths are generally hard to get but not impossible if you have the right contacts. All round the year work is unlikely but should get 6 months ok
    If you are dead serious about doing this I can give you some introductions to the right people who would manage your boat. Or do it yourself as I am in the process of doing. Just as a guideline I pay €2308 pa for my 10metre berth
    which includes leccy & water. so expect to pay between €2500 & €4000 depending
    how good you are at the spiel & if they like you or not.l

    Just as a foot note beware of a nutter called White Lady Known to frequent Tomas Maestow. Kidnap fellow forumites & reduce them to fits of laughter whilst consuming copious amounts of that vile alcohol stuff. Then entertain them with his version of extreme car jumping & other manic activitys..........Nat
    People who say."Money doesent matter" Generally havent got any & want some.

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    Default Re: Ok, so lets say you have me thinking...


    I can't disagree with Nat especially regarding White Lady. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]. Thank God we only had one year in Alcudia with them, I was either going to die laughing or my liver would have packed up or both. A lucky escape.

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