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    I take your point about the age of the people involved, but the primary purpose was to give each couple (and the readers of the two magazines) an insight into the joys/problems associated with each other's chosen means of boating. We weren't trying to convert anyone to the "other side".

    On the subject of slow-speed manoeuvrability, motorboats don't have the benefit of a keel to give directional stability, and something like the Princess 45 in question is a big, slab-sided boat that can suffer from a lot of windage. This makes it tricky to manoeuvre at slow speeds when the wind is blowing hard. It's not impossible, especially with twin engines and a bow-thruster, just a bit tricky at times. Just a little more speed makes life easier and safer for all.

    What the motorboater in the article was trying to get across (I think) was that getting stuck behind a sailboat chugging along a channel at 2 or 3 knots can be irksome when the sailboat could be going at 5 knots and making the motorboater's life a bit easier. He wasn't advocating going too fast, just hoping that sailors would understand his problems (just as he tries to understand a sailor's problems and limitations).

    Given the questions you've raised, and the opinions you've expressed, it would appear that this exercise was not as useful as it should have been. Looks like we must try harder.

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    As Dave says power boats are obvously easier to steer at speed, however at lows speeds i.e. 1- 5 knots say,
    there is precious little water crossing what are if fact very small rudders compared to a sailing yacht.
    What I do when say going into locks at very slow speed, is forget about the helm, leave it amidships
    and steer using each engine alternately. See my other comments on "Trader 545" thread.

    "The Med is calling me"

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