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    While agreeing that you should relax and enjoy your new toy (mine arrives at the beginning of April) PLEASE, PLEASE get some navigation training.

    That stuff your boat floats in will kill you if it gets half a chance and when it makes its first attempt you will not see it coming - you should be as well prepared as possible and saying that you can afford the boat but not the training is similar to buying a car but not bothering to have any licence or road training.

    Sorry if I am coming across as a pessimist but the sea has been after me for a long time now and so far I have managed to stay ahead of it.

    Still cannot stay away from it though.

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    The British Sub Aqua Club run 2 day navigation courses which might be of interest to you. In addition to all the clubs they do have schools which run these so might be useful way of learning basic navigation and then move on to nightschool in September after you have had a summers use on the boat.

    I see your in the Solent,you could give Doug a ring to see a chartwork course. No connection, but we did have a long chat about these courses a while back. Whilst not as intensive as the Day Skipper Course (30 hours or so) they do meet peeps needs of a course that canbe completed in a weekend.

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    There are some good books around to give you the basics, try this

    And the RYA navigation one that goes with it. I've booked myself some training down at Calshot which is happening in a couple of weeks time (powerboat level 2), but I've also press ganged some experienced motorboaties into joining me for the first couple of trips out so I dont scare my wife & daughter too much!

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    Ta everso for the advice; yes I will get some training. I must say, the level of interest in my progress is heartening, it's good to know people out there really do care. I hope I have'nt alarmed too many people out there, I don't want to turn up on D-day to find the river empty of other traffic and a lynching party waiting!! All your comments have been taken on board(!) especially the spare fender point (I never thought of that) and will be acted on.
    "Most people have some means of filling up the gap between perception & reality, and, after all, in those circumstances there are worse things than (put preferred vice here)".

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    Having spoken to people who have done it, I would be tempted to do the Powerboat Level 2 course ASAP.... at least you will then have a good idea of how your boat is going to react to circumstances, and what to do. The other attraction of a course is that you can make lots of mistakes under supervision, and be shown how to put them right.

    Fairly quickly after Boat Handling, some kind of practical course on navigation, tides, charts, simple passage planning.

    In 1 day of marina boat handling tuition, I probably learned more than I have in 30 years of picking it up of the people I sailed with - not cheap, but cheaper than repairing a big ding in the hull.
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    Yip, SWMBO and I have also done the Powerboat Level 2 course and it is very good, and does have some very basic navigation work!

    As i said on another post, send a PM to Solitaire who's posted above and ask his advice, he knows the Hamble like the bak of his hand.

    Looking forward to hearing about the new boat.



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    lots over the last 40 years.
    As long as reasonably priced and qualified instruction, what better during winter months when your boat is out of the water.
    Sailing is for fun, Engines are for going places.


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