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    Default Business Class Riot

    In order to alleviate the obvious financial pressures that this venture might place upon the crew, I offered in advance to provide the price of an air ticket to the boat. Very reasonable, surely. And it turned out out that we all booked on the very same flight. A true crew, very team-sprited.


    I heard this evening that one or TWO crew, in anticipation of the flippin standard-fare sub ... have gorn and jacked themleves up to business class! Jeez! I wasn't ready for this. Have they no sense of team spirit? I mean darn and blast they could have toldus if there was a cheap deal eh? Or maybe i'm the only one in poxy coach? I don't think so. And poor ole Stingo has been working his socks off making google things work already. Tsk, i spect this is what happens when the east europeans get 50 quid a week - they bosh in a few quid and stay in the sodding Ritz!


    Thus it seems very fair that the noble Stingo gets the remaining en-suite on the boat, and the pah Upper Class types scrap it out for the other berths.

    What say ye all?

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    Default Re: Business Class Riot

    I couldn't agree more. I'll take the remaining en-suite.

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    Default Re: Business Class Riot

    Quite right too. If theyre bizness classing outbound it's only fair thet Stingo gets the facilities on the return trip so he can self-contemplate vigorously in private


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