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    Why not do it without electronic nav aids using a sextant?

    We'll all watch you on the tracker and give you a call if you get badly off track
    Bit chilly this morning ...

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    Of all your stupid ideas, that's somewhere about in the middle. Anyway, we'd need the phone wouldn't we - and that's electronic. Also looking at the sun might be a bit dangerous. Also i don't have the right hat since longjohnsilver nicked that tricorn wotsit off me :-(

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    Sounds good. We could do it for charity with you sponsoring us for celestial navigation accuracy i.e. we're only 25NM off target; you pay 1000 or perhaps we're not that good and we end up 50NM off target, so you only pay 500 sort of thing.

    Forumites with access to this forum before it becomes public get to vote for a worthwhile charity.

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    I vote for the RNLI. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Already been done. It's called red nose day and a bunch of 'comic darlings' give up their time for long enough for us to stump dillions and they have to put up with consequences of huge tv exposure on careers. They're saints, i tell you


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