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Thread: Budget Binoc's?

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    Default Budget Binoc\'s?

    Has anybody bought this set from compass? - looks like a good deal to me, and since I have a credit note from a screwed up order, I am tempted. Before I go ahead I think I will get your informed opinions.

    PS Will be used for East Coast pottering and not for open passages

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    Default Re: Budget Binoc\'s?

    A friend lost my Plastimo fixed focus binos over the side while shrieking at a dolphin in the East Looe channel last summer. They were brand new, which aggravated me greatly at the time. Not as much as if I'd paid a grand for a pair of Steiners, though, and I'd thoroughly recommend them at the money being asked. I intend to splash out on a new pair soon.

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    Default Re: Budget Binoc\'s?

    How much? I had a pair of these for a couple of years. Paid about 100 for them about 4 years ago. They were excellent for the money I thought. Took a few knocks without problems and i'd still hsave them if some [--word removed--] hadn't knicked 'em. If the money's right then I would say go for it!
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    Default Re: Budget Binoc\'s?

    If they're the 100 ones from Compass then, yes. I bought a pair a couple of years ago and been happy with them
    Dave L.

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    Default Re: Budget Binoc\'s?

    Iv used the hundred pound ones and they are really good. Looks like a good deal
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    Default Re: Budget Binoc\'s?

    Excellent binos Auto focus and only type SWMBO can use. On the heavy side but can't have everything for well under the ton.

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    I've got a pair of Steiner Navigators....loada loot, and last year bought a pair of bins brand new for 15 from the Sea Chest Bookshop in Queen Anne's Battery Marina Plymouth.

    Tell you what me and the crew were all trying hard to find the reason why I had bought Steiner's??!!
    The Steiners are good naturally, but the crew were so impressed with the 15 ones that one fo them bought some too.
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