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Thread: Flights again

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    Hotmail's bust so posting here
    Parahandy and I are booked from LHR to SXM via Paris, leaving on the 0640 from Heathrow, arriving Paris 0900 for the 1045 outward flight. As Matt says quite tight. Have contacted Air France and baggage is routed straight thru so at least we don't have to collect bags and re-check in at CDG. If London flight delayed and can't connect they will put us on the 'next available flight' which I presume is next day - giving us a night in Gay Paree of haute cuisine, vins fins et ensuite les folies bergeres oohlala - and giving tcm and Stingo first 24 hours to clear the heavy work and check their mojo's working.
    Hopefully it won't come to that tho..

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    hard luck yer misery - i'm on the same schedule, so we'll just have to risk it. It worked last time though. Mind you, on the return to LHR the baggage went missing and turned up later that night.

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    just for one brief fleeting moment I had a vision.
    I saw LJ PH and TC midway across the atlantic in corduroys and jumpers, their sailing gear having been lost in an airport somewhere.
    Stingo had managed to get himself lost in an airport, not the one with the sailing gear in, another one altogether.
    Made me chuckle


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