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    Default Re: Buying a boat? A salutory tale....

    Sorry to hear your news Mustard.

    But if you have a judgment, that's massive progress. Your problem is enforcing it. This isn't my area of law so I may be a bit off the mark but I think you need to find his assets and then get bailiff to recover them. You can check if he owns the house by asking the land registry, they have a very fast service.

    Hire a firm of bailiffs to enforce the debt. It's always difficult to seize a house becuase others like wife/kids will claim equitable interests etc. But if you got your deposit back then I guess your judgement is only for a few Łk so get the bailiffs to take all the furniture etc and flog it to get your cash. The presence of their van will certainly impress his neighbours.

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    Default Re: Buying a boat? A salutory tale....

    I have every sympathy with you, I lost 500 quid last year on a survey, the broker had been a complete tosser, funnily enuff form the Poole area too.

    For sale, 1970 Triumph Spitfire-sold, 1947 Lambretta, 1922 Great grandmother, PM for details.

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