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Thread: Mojomo Update

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    30/4 1712

    We are 26 deg 15N 61deg 21 W and all fine. No significant gear problems. Gennaker up boat speed 4-5 knots. Wind veering now 190 T 6-8 knots. Sea slight, light clouds, sunny

    Tested the harness this morning by swimming off the back whilst doing three knots and got pat to drag me round to knock on ljs's cabin window. LJS is warning me that some crew may be getting overworked - he had to test our hammock in the cockpit for thre hours yesterday whilst listening to Albatross and drinking Mohitos, so fair enough.

    Match fishing in progress this morning with para satisfied at his first catch and Pwc working harder to even things up. Zefender's "mother watch" system 3hrs on 6hrs off with one day in each four as cook/botlewasher and no night watch is liked by all. My inability to hold any food/liquids after hull scraping lasted two days but vanished with Itinerol B6. - tcm

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    So what shall we say, Horta 11:00 next Wednesday morning?

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    Hee hee. Looks like a couple of ver light wind days ahead until Thursday so we should be prepared for some slowing down, which may give Pat a chance to even the score

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    "we should be prepared for some slowing down"

    hehe, you're talking about a twin engined boat with tcm in command...I don't think there will be any slowing down [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    might want to do some range calcs on motoring, especially if not calling bermuda. Matt will be husbanding fuel so won't chuck it out early

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    Tom, would be interested to know what you are using for weather info - is it just gribs or something else publicly available?
    was BIGNICK, SkyTalk, MoodyNick in the past.

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    GRIBS and pooh sticks

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    Make sure you wipe those sticks carefully then.
    Next time, it'll all be different.

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    It's knowing which half to antifoul...

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    Darn it, looks like No1_Moose earns himself another pint...
    MaY 1, 1500 BST position 27deg 54.3N 59deg 47W. A sunny but almost windless day - 4knots from the south. We are rumbling along under power. The boat does around 8knots with engines on at 2000rpm, but we're taking the sensible and skinflinty option of doing 6.4 knots on 1 engine to conserve fuel. 300 miles ahead there should be some wind. We have 1100 litres in total, used around 140 so far, and we also need power to run the generator to run the watermaker, and charge batteries.

    Everyone's fine. LJS had nasty sunburn on his feet , so Dr Para prescribed sitting on the stern draped in towel with his feet trailing in the water to cool everything down, which seems to have worked. PWC very jolly, and likes sleeping above a diesel engine doing 2000 rpm. Para is going native on the transat thing, with enthusiastic fishing, downloading weather forecasts, the lot. His turn as Mother today and his first shot at bread making is due out of the oven soon. No more fish yet - perhaps a good thing as more than half of the first one is stll in the freezer.

    Addendum 1800 BST : Changed to stbd engine a couple of hours ago.and there's a shaking/vibration for which we slowed and stopped to investigate. It emanates from the rudder itself , when the stbd prop is rotating. Not present with port engine alone driving the boat, and only a mild shaking/vibration with both engines - but severe and untenable on stbd engine alone. I dived under boat to find no debris, and only 2mm vertical rudder play. Port engine alone for the time being.

    Para's bread is fantastic, although his outrageously hot lunchtime thai curry has quietened us all down a bit.

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