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Thread: Mojomo Update

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    Default Re: Update 9th May

    No mention of spotting the school? I reckon they passed about 20 miles away...

    Black Sheep. Not black, but sometimes sheepish

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    Default Re: Update 10th May

    Thursday 10th May

    37deg17N 33deg8.2W.

    Several days of favourable winds and nice beam wind sailing ended yesterday with the forecast which we thought had been rescinded .coming true. So yesterday afternoon we gybed, reefed, and then with up to F6 gusting 30knots from the northeast and rain, a second reef. Boat trammelled along at up to 10knots most of the night just 40 degrees off the wind. Para was jolly impressed, even flabbergasted. Para is superb when flabbergasted.

    Wet weather gear on all round, quite a lairy ride. PWC just avoided a giant tree trunk on his eveing watch (well, he saw it 50 yards off to stbd after it had gone past..) and later played Onedin Line, Wagner and other suitable tunes on cockpit speakers for full-on Atlantic storm effect. This morning we found one of the horseshoe buoy things has been carried off in the wind.
    Waited all night for the wind to back to NW as promised by para.but still only just moving to N now F3 mid-morning.

    6 am this morning all much calmer than 12hours previously, but I'd had enough waiting and our speed under 6knots would mean arriving horta friday after dark. So engine on and now pointing around 72T to Horta, due there daytime tomorrow Friday.

    Not too much further to report aside from the hefty dose of sailing as above.and I hear by satphone that some people don't like to hear of our joking around? Sorry. But I'm afraid I won't permit a no-fun regime. And of course, the time to be worried might be when your skipper permits no frivolity whatsoever ...because it likely means that they're not at all sure what they're doing, and/or frightened and/or possibly just a miserable git in the first place - or all of the above. None of which applies here.


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    Default Re: Update 10th May

    await the next report with baited breath

    Thanks for all your effort Tome

    cheers Joe
    "It was the crew's fault"

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    'ang on a mo, I'll just take some bearings

    Default Re: Update 10th May

    Will they have grown beards?
    Next time, it'll all be different.

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    Na! they got their philips shavers onboard

    cheers Joe
    "It was the crew's fault"

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    Default The One that got away

    For reasons unfathomable to me a new message appeared in my inbox today (was empty) from Mojomo dated 5th May. Although a few days old, I include it for the sake of a complete picture - tome
    ================================================== ===
    Re: saturday, not so many funnies, sorry.

    Saturday 5th May 8am local, 1pm BST, 33deg 16N, 50deg 28 W

    As soon as I'd sent yesterday's email, the wind died so engine on again and
    motorsailing. 100 hours motoring so far, all on port engine. We've had 8-12
    knots wind over the past 24 hours, but up again to 16-18 knots this morning.

    Para always seems to have a good watch, and frequently hands over with the
    boat bowling along at eight knots or more. But it often falls apart as soon
    as he's off watch. It's happening again today with wind dropping - and he's
    not back on watch now until Sunday, dammit. However, we've been sailing
    along at 7-9 knots for past four hours now, not bad at all with 15-20 knots
    behind the beam, rolling along in 1-2m swell. I think this would be a lot
    less comfy in normal monohull boat tho - each swell rocks us a fair bit even
    with two hulls and 8 metre beam.

    Boring fuel calculating/worrying paragraph. For this route at this time of
    year, the winds can be light or even non-existent, and hence the routing
    advice prior to starting the trip pointed towards stashing plenty of spare
    fuel. So I bought four twenty-litre plastic jerrycans. Bit more thinking,
    and I went back and bought ten more. The day before we left I thought what
    the heck and bought another eight, also found one from the previous owner,
    giving us 460 litres of spare fuel on top of the 650 litres in the tanks -
    1100 litres total. The boat can do 8 knots with both engines 2000 rpm and
    uses total 7 litres an hour, giving range with spare fuel of just over 150
    hours or 1200miles - enough for almost half the total trip distance of 2600
    miles. But we lost the wind only two days out from St Martin, much earlier
    than we had hoped. However, motorsailing on one engine gives us 6 knots and
    massive range of 300 hours and 1800miles. Horta's now 1100 miles away and we
    could *just* about motor there with the 750litres of fuel remaining. But a
    couple of days under sail will solve any concerns- and this seems to be day

    For first six days of the trip the sun blazed away, and I found inventive
    ways of constructing sun shades attached to bimini (unofficially called "tee
    cee ems" somewhere in ybw forums I believe) to protect people on helm and in
    the cockpit. These shades mainly involve bedsheets, duvet covers, twangy
    cord and clothes pegs. Now and again the need adjusting and I ask LJS to
    "give me a hand with the sheets" or "help me adjust the sheets" which is a
    fairly funny sailing joke for the first dozen times anyway. No need for
    these lately though, as the weather turned very not-Caribbean yesterday, bit
    of a drenching with rain for an hour, and a bit overcast today too.

    All crew in fine form. Para is looking much more tanned that normal, almost
    as brown as LJS. Oh, and although I had a go with dental repair kit as per
    website pic, we found a real dentist in St Martin for LJS, 30 euros, no
    waiting. Pwc said he was off down to the park for a few hours, but he's
    actually sunbathing on the foredeck. Naturally, I flung a few buckets of
    water that way but seems he thinks that just normal spray. Or maybe he goes
    to some really lousy rainy places for his holidays.

    My turn cooking yesterday, and since we had egg whites, tinned fruit and UHT
    cream, paddy suggested I have go at making pavolva. Unfortunately, despite
    excellent shore sport team (I bet that Ellen MacArthur's lot can't text back
    pavlova recipes within 30 seconds eh?) I couldn't get the flippin eggs to
    whisk up properly with the Bosch/fork whisk. Using the "hammer action"
    setting didn't make any difference either, and I gave it up as a bad job
    when the fork bit fell out and splattered eggy foam around the galley. I did
    manage to make poached fish in cider cream for lunch which was jolly good.
    Crew all seem to be quite expert cooks though not actually chosen that way.
    Microwave unused so far, proper cooking and nobody has descended to Fray
    Bentos pies yet. Altho my erm spag bol followed by tinned fruit came pretty
    close, and I had to use stuff from the "Admit it, you're rubbish at cooking"

    Overall the boat seems very good. Nothing falling off and there are plenty
    of well thought-out ideas too. Internally there's tons of room - we brought
    3 weeks of food for four on board and boatily stashed it in bilges, and then
    found that loads of the normal cupboards are empty. Frigoboat fridge and
    freezer especially recommended, smart stainless steel and essentially
    silent. The freezer was accidentally set to minus 30 degrees and seemed to
    get there too with everything frozen as a single lump.

    But the radar isn't helping us very much. It didn't "see" either of the only
    two vessels encountered so far that required us to alter course. I said I'd
    be nice about Raymarine, but radar that pretends to be working with the
    whirly icon - but sometimes showed no trace when only 3 miles from a big
    ship is not great. Bit useless in fact. We don't have ships around during
    daylight (mostly) so can't check and be sure it's working all the time. It
    seems to sometimes drop the signal and when radar screen alone is chosen
    (instead of overlaid chart as we use normally, to see AIS) it says "no data",
    altho restarting it seems to fix it again. Since most times it's fine it won't
    be easy to show or diagnose a fault. Perhaps the best 100%-sorted option
    might be to install another completely independent radar system as a check.

    I'm hoping that people at home are a bit less worried than they were? We
    found the tracker thing was unplugged yesterday, so sorry about that. Also
    LJS says there was a call but we all missed it. We must have been out
    shopping or something. The boat is hugely safe (pwc has been reading the
    multihull book) and the whole idea is to see what the trip is like - not to
    see if it's possible. It's not an unknown exploration thing at the limits of
    endurance or feasibility. And of all the times to do the trip, this time of
    year May-June is the most recommended for good weather. Whereas those other
    times earlier in the year with catamarans having a bad time near Bermuda was
    the very opposite - it's specifically suggested *not* to go near Bermuda in
    February. So, no more fretting please. Or a bit less.

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    Default Re: Update 10th May

    Glad you're enjoying it Joe. Talked to them tonight for the first time since leaving and they are in great spirits due Horta tomorrow late pm

    They then have a more challenging leg (where the weather could play a bigger influence) to get the boat back to Les Sables d'Olonne to investigate rudder etc

    Guessing they will kick off the next leg Sunday and arrive Sablon around 21st/22nd

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    Default Re: Update 10th May

    I love these 'live' from boat adventures too. Great stuff!

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    Default Re: Update 10th May

    Spoke to Mojo tonight, apparently they are funding the trip by acting as an offshore call centre. I bought 2kg of frozen water from something other than a waterlog, hope that helps. Their navigation strategy involves avoidance of hadards to shipping cos they are baaaaaaaad!
    Bit chilly this morning ...

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    Default Re: Update 10th May

    [ QUOTE ]
    Spoke to Mojo tonight, apparently they are funding the trip by acting as an offshore call centre.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I bet Matt and Para are loving that bit.

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